!!!...How to know the region of an encrypted Game...!!!

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    Jan 4, 2016
    Hello everyone, I have an encrypted game, but I am not sure what region it is, My Wii U is USA region, the source I got this game it says it is a USA game, just what I need, but how can I be sure of that, I don't want to brick my Wii U, the reason why I get it from other source than WiiU USB Helper or others is because that game (Call Of Duty Black OPS2) in particular not appear in those apps, so is there maybe any app or program or process to know the region of a game with encrypted format??
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    Usually if you can find the title ID of a game, it usually is a indication of what region. Like for example for wii games
    super smash bros is RBXE = USA Since it ends with a E

    E= USA
    P= PAL
    J= JAP

    At least that how it is for most games on nintendo or some other systems.:unsure:
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    Thats not helpful at all as he doesn't know the title id.

    @BoxNinPlay It should be usa region and also why not regionhax your wii u so its region free
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  4. BoxNinPlay

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    Jan 4, 2016
    I do not use yet regionhax because I am using everything in SysNAND, and I do not feel sure yet about change anything in SysNAND, everything is working good, just this game I need and I have it but not installed yet because I want to be sure about the region.
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    Installing an out of region game will not brick your wii u.it just won't let you play it. No need to worry about bricking. That is a rumor that started when brazil exploit came out because nobody had tried installing an out of region game for fear of bricking. Install it and if it let's you play the game without error, then it will be USA region
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    Here few methods to verify the region, but it's based on wiiubrew database.

    1) if you have the Title.tik, you can look inside to get the titleID.
    Open the ticket in an hex editor and look at 0x1E0, the 4 first bytes are the Low TitleID part. 0005001B-LowID
    Go to http://wiiubrew.org/wiki/Title_database
    search for your LowID and you'll get the region.

    2) If you have only the title key, you can also search on internet if you find the title key database, they will have a list of keys and their corresponding game and region.
    If you want the encrypted title key from the ticket, it's located at 0x1BF

    3) If you have only the title key (not the full ticket) you can use Cdecrypt to extract only the /code/app.xml and look into it to get the LowID from title_ID node and look on wiiubrew too.
    Cdecrypt will attempt to decrypt all the game, so you can to keep only partial files and do a "try and fail" method and see which file is expected, but it's not the best idea. You can also look in the title.tmd to know which are the 2-3 first files to be decrypted (they usually are the /code/ folder) but you have to know where the content filename are stored. You can try to hint them with the .app size (very small, few Kb are usually the code folder)

    But you usually have the title.tmd at this point, so you can look inside it instead of decrypting the game.

    4) with title.tmd only
    hex edit, and look at 0x18c and you'll get the titleID. check against wiiubrew too.
  7. BoxNinPlay

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    Jan 4, 2016
    Thanks for that answer, I will try it and give my feedback...!!!!