Apple How to jailbreak my Ipod using unc0ver?

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Hey hey!
I have an Ipod, the 6th generation, running on IOS 11.4.
I have already used Cydia Impactor to get the unc0ver .ipa onto the device, and have already tried running the process many times.
I realize that it takes quite a few tries to work.
However, so far no success, sometime it makes it farther, sometimes not, but the farthest it'll go is to try and mount the rootfs, and will fail, saying it's already mounted and I need to delete the OTA update and reboot.
There is no OTA update, but that shouldn't be a problem... but it always gives me the same error if it does get that far.

If anyone has any advice, or a better jailbreak tool to recommend, I'm all ears, I just want to figure this out.

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