How to downgrade Rebug 4.65.2 to 3.55 OFW

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    Hey guys, I was wondering how to downgrade back to stock firmware, but can't seem to find any modern guides on how to do this. I know that there is a method involving installing Rogero 3.55 FW, but is this actually stock 3.55?

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    If you have QA flag on, you can direct update to lower firmware but REBUG and Habib are the only ones with QA flagging.
    QA flag is temporary, it gets revoked once you move CFW and you would have to re-QA. Some CFW cannot be QA flagged again because it isn't supported. (All REBUG firmwares have QA flagging supported, you turn it on through REBUG Toolbox or using Toggle QA pkg.)
    Since you're on REBUG, you can direct update to REBUG 3.55.2, QA Toggle and you can update to any OFW or CFW.

    For CFW not supported by QA flag, you use a downgrader .PUP update file to go back to "pseudo OFW but not CFW" 3.55. After that you QA Toggle and update to REBUG 3.55.2 or Rogero 3.55 V3.7. At this point, you can update to any OFW or CFW you want.

    Rogero Downgrader.