How to create emunand without using GW

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  1. player0

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    Sep 2, 2006
    Hi I can create an emunand with GW without any issue on my 4GB SD card, but if I put in a 2GB it just never completes, apparently GW thinks 2GB is too small?

    I am pretty sure an emunand does not require more than 2GB so I am thinking to move the one I created with 4GB card onto my 2GB card. How do you cut a partition (in Windows) on the card? Thanks
  2. nop90

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    Jan 11, 2014
    You can adapt the instruction in this tutorial to partition your SD. After doing it. you'll have to write with an hex Editor in the first 11 byte of sector 0 the string "GATEWAYNAND" (withount the ending 0x0 char), so you can use emunand tool to inject the GW emunand.

    But beware that your SD will look like of only about 700 Mb so can happen that il will be formated using CHS addressing (used for FAt16 on old up than 2GB) that could be not readable from windows for the presence of the starting unalocated space.

    It's a problem of some windows version (my Win 7 64bit has it), not of the SD. Linux and the 3DS can handle it fine.