Question How to CLEAN update with mismatch fuses and a burnt GC fuse?

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    Hi all.
    I want to restore and update my SysNAND so its safe-ish to go online. I have a NAND backup I did before SXOS but after Pegaswitch. My system was a launch 1.0 model I updated to 3.0 on Nintendo servers back in the day and had on airplane mode. I updated it to 3.0.1 with Super Mario Odyssey. After that I updated to 4.1 without burning fuses. Lastly I restore my first backup. My fuses are at 3.0.1 but now my system and my backup are on 3.0. RCM works. I tried to use the same SMO cartridge to update and I got an error. GCfuse.

    EZ to read summary

    My System
    3.0 freshly restored first backup.
    Fuses match 3.0.1
    GCslot fuse burnt and disabled on current firmware

    How do I update? Will booting in to ChoiDuJour leave traces visible to Nintendo? I suppose if I could update to 4.0.1 and keep my NAND clean I could go online and update then.

    Please let me know what you think.
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    I guess your best bet is to start the SXOS payload and then click on boot original firmware. That will circumvent the mismatching fuses. Then just update online. After being on latest firmware, check if eShop still works or if you got banned.
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