How much space is really free on my Wii?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by gene0915, Nov 27, 2010.

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    Last night, I did a batch install of a few WADs. As soon as I rebooted to the main menu, I got the message that my Wii memory was full and I needed to delete stuff or move it to my SD card. I moved item 1 to the SD card and noticed I still had zero blocks free. I moved item 2 off and had a few blocks free. I moved the 3rd item off and had about 210 blocks free. My daughter has saved about 50 videos she created in 'Wii Music' and saved about 100 photos from SMBB. Other than loading those games up and go about nuking those entries from their prospective games...... how can I tell how much space those saved videos and pics are really taking up? If I go into the saved data for the Wii, does it show how much those titles saved games take up in 'block space'? (Away from home at the moment and can't check but I will as soon as I get home.) Anyone have a utility that displays for each title/save data how much space is actually being consumed? Kind of like Tree Size Professional for the PC when looking at folders?!
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    I'm not sure about earlier versions but in system menu 4.1 and above you can go into Wii options>Data Management> then Save Data or Channels (Depending on what you want to check)

    When you click on each square there is a number next to the title that says how many blocks it takes up. [​IMG]
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    deleting old saved games is one way to check it will let you know how much free space you got but stuff like wiiware games or channels can take up alot of space
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