How do I overclock my CPU?

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    I have the following and was told, even though I am upgrading, that in the mean time, I am wasting my CPU as I am not overclocking it since it is liquid cooled. How do I overclock my CPU? Is it a physical switch or software, and how do I do it, Thanks.

    EVGA NFORCE 680I SLI MB Motherboard
    2 Core Duo Extreme 2.93 GHz X6800 4M Cache 1066MHz Processor
    4GB DDR22 Low Latency PC-6400 RAM
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    It'll most likely be in the BIOS settings for the FSB and Multiplier. Read up on 'safe' values for your cpu if you can find it. Do you still have the manual for the motherboard? It'd probably be in there for how-to [​IMG]

    I overclocked my core 2 duo e8400 from 3ghz to 3.6ghz (20% overclock) stable on air cooling - had to raise the voltage a wee bit, though. With liquid cooling you can probably hit 4ghz+
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    There's no single set way to do it that's afe and will give you the best results, because it really depends on a bunch of stuff, so many variables i won't even bother typing them all out.

    1 - Use google to find some basics of overclocking.

    2 - Google guides on overclocking with that motherboard.

    3 - Google guides on overclocking that processor.

    4 - Re-do number 1 just to make sure you're clear on the instructions.
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    More importantly:
    0- If you're asking this, you shouldn't start overclocking your cpu. So, are you asking? If not, do the next few points which you are now doing by yourself [​IMG]. Aside from that the core 2 series are the best overclockers I've ever had [​IMG].
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    x6800 is also a nice CPU, why overclock? I can't imagine things are running poorly.
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    I should also mention not all water cooling is aimed at high end cooling- much of it is aimed at silent running machines instead.
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    It's not the best method of making things quiet. You still have a pump running and several fans on a radiator. The best method of keeping things quiet is usually a big, high-performance air-cooler with quiet fans.

    OP, I wouldn't be overclocking it just yet. By all means, read up on it and try on an older computer. Provided you don't change the voltage, you're not going to hurt anything. I would be overclocking that CPU if I was in the same scenario, but I'm also much more comfortable in doing so. In other words, it's only a waste if you know how and aren't. Also, unless you're having performance issues, it's hardly worth it. That said, you could probably push that thing up to around 4GHz.