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Jul 28, 2019
Hi Guys,

Pls excuse me as I'm new to this forum , i have a very weird issue with my modded Wii.

I have installed multiple emulators which some crash when i run them (Forwarder is working fine , roms are in my USB , app in my SD card)

Here are what's working by emulator :
Wii (WiiFolow) , NES(Fceugx) , SNES (SNES9xGX), N64 (Not64), PSX (WiiSXR), DS(DESmu), GBA (VBAGX)

My Main Issues:
- Nintendont comes up perfectly fine , i can see list of my games but as soon I run any game i get black screen :(
\_ Alternatively I run USB-Loader to run a Cube games , comes up initiates memory then blackscreen
- Retroarch is same as Nintendont , I ran it for the first time then anytime after blackscreen
- NeoGeo doesn't find game on USB and if i put on SD black screen
- Sega run but blackscreen , interestingly if i press home while blackscreen it shows the GenplusGX menu

**** Most importantly , i very often get the the attached crash info while running emulator.

I ran pimpmywii to check if it finds any issue (you may disagree with the app) but it also doesn't find any issue :sad::cry:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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