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    Jun 15, 2008
    Ok, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find anything homebrew related, so I'm trying this... I wonder if this is the right place, since GBAtemp is supposed to be about nintendo~~

    Well, here goes. Talk about something you use that's actually good for you, and in which system you're running it.
    Also, this should be a good place for asking info about specific homebrews. Lemme give the first bit of info...

    [Aka "PSP Revolution"]

    This homebrew is a very well done clone of Stepmania [NOT DDR] because just like it's pc original version, it reads .dwi and/or .sm files, allowing you to copy them direcly from the pc into yout Memory Stick!

    I had some trouble trying to run this on my PSP [2000 V3] but IZZY was ind enought to put his working copy of PSPR up online in this topic.

    Well, as for a request... Anything about an alarm clock that works on said psp version? Couldn't make Time Baby and Sleep 'n' Wake run.
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