Homebrew Channel problem after new update

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Xbox360, Aug 10, 2010.

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    After putting off updating my Homebrew Channel for roughly a week now, I decided to check it out. I'm not sure if there's any new features and such, but the new theme is nice.

    Unfortunately though, it has given me a problem. When I start will BootMii (I think that's the software, it gives the option to go to the system menu, boot Homebrew Channel, boot from SD and a fourth option) I normally use the panel to go straight to the Homebrew Channel, but this just causes my Wii to hang on a black screen, therefore I have to boot straight to the System Menu.

    When I boot to the System Menu, PriiLoader jumps in and gives me some options. I then tried to use the Homebrew Channel option here but it gives me an odd code dump, then boots to the System Menu. (Choosing system menu on PriiLoader works as it normally would).

    Choosing Homebrew Channel from the system menu works just fine and gives no problems whatsoever.

    This is mainly just an small inconvenience, but I'm hoping there is a quick fix for this. Any ideas?
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    It's not bootmii, it's Priiloader. You need to update to the latest priiloader beta to access the new Homebrew Channel directly, because the title ID has changed, that's the problem.
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    This is normal. To remedy the bootmii issue, you will need to update your ppcboot.elf and armboot.bin files. Those can be installed to your card during the hackmii v0.7 install.

    As for Prilloader, there's an update that will fix the Homebrew Channel load option (the new title ID of HBC 1.0.7 is not recognized by your Priiloader), but for now you can simply go to the Launch Title area and pick the new title ID and load HBC that way.