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    Oct 23, 2009
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    I'm running the lastest firmware of Wii 4.2U and I see lately there was an update to the Wii Shopping Channel which I update as well, I also have the latest version of the Homebrew Channel. This is the problem I run into when I run the CIOS 14 app it goes to the app but doesn't let the Wiimote connect to it so I can't hit A to install the CIOS 14 on my system, not sure what version I'm currently running, I would know if I could run the NeoGamma Rev8 Beta 1 app but I can't because I get a black screen when trying to run it the only thing that works is BootMii thru the Smash Bros brawl Technic and I tried to run CIOS 13B thru it but does the same thing not connecting the Wii Mote. Also the NeoGamma isn't booting up thru that technic either. Please let me know what needs to be done so I can get this problem solved to be able to run apps and load them correctly thru the Homebrew Channel like it properly did before.


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    Maybe you're executing the installer under the IOS 249 stub. You must run it under a trucha bugged, usable IOS. Follow the xzxero softmodding guide.