1. XtremeTemp

    OP XtremeTemp Advanced Member

    Dec 31, 2015
    United States
    1. My WII U is on 5.0.0, what exactly can I do with it at this moment in time? As it seems most shit is for 5.3.2.

    2. I have a 128gb samsung evo micro SDXC SD card outfitted with an adapter that would make it fit in the WII U, it was just in one of my devices to store games, but I can just store the stuff on the computer until i can buy another card, ANYWAYS does the WII U support these kinds of cards in any way? I don't care if its a workaround, as long as there's a way to use it. Only asking the second question cause when the big stuff comes out for everyone (playing wii u roms or w/e idr the terminology) you would need a big card since even on the WII U games can get huge.

    Link to the SD card I am talking about:

    Also, if I exploited vWII wayyyyyyy back in late 2013 yet have lost the old SD card, is there a possibility of resetting the vWII back to default settings, so i can re-exploit it?

    Thanks for any answers, as i'm just now getting into the console ''hacking'' scene lately.
  2. fraret

    fraret A puffin

    Nov 22, 2015
    1. Wait
    2. SDXC cards work with the wii U
    3. Why do you want to reset the vWii? Did you uninstall the hombrew chanel or mess up some IOSes?
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