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    Does anyone know how to get Phantasy Star Online 1&2 plus (gpoe8p) I got the iso on my usb stick, in it's own folder in a folder called games, I've tried Nintendont, it shows up but doesn't do anything after blank screen launch, usbLoaderGX won't even show the iso file or the usb, Wiiflow gets to a blank screen after GameCube logo or "apploader size is zero" error, and PostLoader doesn't help..I think I got all the settings messed up on everything and now I don't know what to do and I really wanted to play that game..what dios mios (or light) do I use? What loader should I use? What options should I turn on? I have no clue
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    Check the disc image and make sure it's valid. You can either use a utility to calculate the MD5 and look it up on or the tool in my sig can do it automatically.

    That error generally means the loader can't find the disc image so also make sure it's named properly ("/games/game name [titleid]/game.iso" and "disc2.iso") and that the drive has only one FAT32 partition that's marked as primary.
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