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    Jan 27, 2009
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    guys i have installed and reinstalled the softmii on my ntsc 3.2u wii a few times and i cannot get any backups to boot up from the disc channel--neither ios 249 or untouiched ios. i have follow the instructions to the T and still nothing. now what I have noticed is my backups still run with the backup launcher--weird enough games that are not patched to ios 249 are running in the gamma loader which never happened before (i burned a few games without changing the ios to try but no luck in the disc channel). i do have a wifi connection so i should have the full installation. I did notice a couple of things though--21) Select all the hacks you would like, (recommended - Skip Updates, Move Disc Channel and all No Copy)--in step 21 it says to install the hacks you want but there is only one I can select which is move disc channel--and when i hold reset when powering up my wii and go to system hacks there is only move disc channel and save settings available--where did I go wrong!! thank you guys for your time!!