[HELP]xenoblade chronicles 3D .brfna font

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    Aug 5, 2019
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    my english is not so great. i hope you guys will understand.
    I've been trying to translate Xenoblade 3d to my language(korean) for few weeks, but this brfna font is giving me too much headache.
    I found a way to edit original wii brfna font using font converter in wii sdk. but the one in 3ds version seems to be modified.
    data seems to be flipped due to endian difference(i guess, not so sure). and there's even more problem.
    font texture in TGLP section starts with some unknown data which was not present in wii brfna
    this data starts with !xtt, and i found out that it holds some info about texture(like height and width).
    there was same !xtt data in .tpl files, the texture files, so i guess it's a data that helps 3ds to process image.
    this is pretty much everything i found out. and i just can't find a way to edit, or make 3ds font..
    I'm really frustrated, so i'm here begging for a help..
    attched original wii font, 3ds font, and font in 3ds chinese fan translation(they somehow managed to do it!).

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