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    ko, I recently watched Gosick and I loved it.
    then searching for more I watched Hyouka this weekend and I don't know how this slipped through my radar being a Kyoani fan. I really liked it, and god, Kyoani artwork is splendid. I'll search for the light novels if are available.

    Now I'm looking for more mystery anime/manga/light novels to watch/read but apparently they are scarce because aren't as successful as comedy or slice of life stuff(Gosick light novels only got 2 books officially translated in english and no fangroup is interested enough to translate the rest, let alone Gosick Red:hateit: ).

    So I'm asking you guys.
    does anyone knows about good mystery/detective material to look at?? +1 point if has lolis, +2 if the protagonist is a loli.

    and please don't mention Detective Conan, there are too many episodes that discourage me from download it(762 and on going).

    thanks :)
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    There is Kindaichi Case Files, which is a lot more mature in tone than Detective Conan.
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