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    Nov 27, 2010
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    ok so here is the problem i can't edit a map on animal crossing with a editor because i have a m3i and it has the option of a sav file but when i click it. it won't read so any idea's also a dat. file but i figured it out but won't read when i do it and it's confusing.
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    I can't eat the waffle because the basketball is purple.

    That's what your post sounds like. Actually, on second read, it's less coherent than that.

    Anyway.. what kind of file is your Map Editor looking for?
    If it's looking for a map you have to export specifically (as opposed to the whole game, which is what the .SAV file is), then you're pretty much trying to make an omelet out of a chicken.
    If it's looking for a different kind of save file, maybe an online converter will work.
    I see you mention .DAT files (kind of a generic file - could be a save, could be some other data file), but "any idea's (possessive) also a dat. (the . comes before the file extension) file" doesn't make a whole lot of sense.