[HELP] Removing a System Title + Out of Region 3DS Download Play

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    Aug 6, 2013
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    So I've been trying to get the US 3DS download play to work on a JAP console since the JAP download play included won't recognize any US game broadcasting a download play party. I used cearp's UpdateCDN to grab US firmware files so I could get the download play title and install it on the JAP console as a .cia on EmuNAND. It installs fine and shows up on the home menu, but it won't launch at all. Now I'm attempting to remove it but it won't show up on BBM since it's a system title. I tried using Big Red Menu but I'm not sure if it will affect my EmuNAND or SysNAND and I couldn't seem to locate the US Download Play title I installed. I really don't want a broken system title on EmuNAND but I'm not sure how to go about removing it.

    If anybody knows how to get download play working for other regions or at least know how get rid of the broken system title I installed I'd appreciate it :)