Question Help? My switch doesn't recognize the games installed on my SD card after updating.

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    Sep 2, 2019
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    So I've installed AtlasNX Kosmos 13.2.1 through sdsetup. And it simply doesn't recognize the games I have in my SDcard. It seems to recognize the games installed within the NAND and the games installed after the update, but the old ones are all dead.

    If I could delete them and reinstall, then this wouldn't really be an issue, but then if I choose to delete games through the menu, the game disappears from the menu, but it doesn't really free up the space the game is taking.

    Are there any tools to verify game location and let switch recognize it? Or is my only choice to delete every single thing inside the Nintendo folder?
  2. themosteve

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    Apr 10, 2019
    Just restart the switch and u will get that free space
  3. jegnan

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    Sep 2, 2019
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    Nope, that didn't do anything
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    I'm guessing your scenario is either of these 3:
    1. Either this is your first time using CFW, and you've set up an emuNAND.
    2. Or you came from another CFW like SX OS and had an emuNAND that you're reusing with the new setup.
    3. Same as 2 but you didn't have an emuNAND previously, and set one up when installing Kosmos.

    What's likely happening is that your emuNAND setup is reading from a different folder, but you didn't move your games to said folder. For example in SX OS the emuNAND reads SD data from from SD:\Emutendo. In Atmosphere/Hekate by default it reads from SD:\emuMMC\RAW1. This is different from OFW which reads them from SD:\Nintendo. ReiNX I'm not sure about.

    AFAIK AtlasNX/SDSetup does not tell you how to set up an emuNAND, nor does it include sig patches. So both of those things you would have to figure out yourself based on bits of information scattered around.
    And if you didn't add sig patches, any pirated games you had before wouldn't run.
    So can you tell me, what exactly is your setup?
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  5. dukemagus

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    Nov 12, 2009
    Search for something called "sigpatches"
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