Help me please. =x

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  1. Graziela azevedo

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    Feb 3, 2013
    Hello friends. I have a problem, hope you can help me. I turned on my wii, when I call him the error appears: "Error! USB Loader GX needs unstubbed cIOS 222 v4 or 249 v9
    I found 222 = 0249 = 0
    Go Figure out how to get some cIOS action going on in your wii and come back and see me.
    bye "

    And he gets stuck on this screen, I can not access the wii menu. Because when I turn on my wii it loads the USB loader and this error appears. Someone help me please:(
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    hold reset while you power on your wii .. see what happens
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    Clearly your Wii is autobooting into a USB Loader, so yeah, hold down the Reset button - you should be taken to the Priiloader menu/BootMii menu.
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    Edit: damn, beaten by other members :P

    You probably have priiloader launching USBloader on Wii startup.
    Press Reset button then switch ON your Wii, it will display the priiloader menu. Then select Launch Homebrew Channel.

    From the homebrew channel you can launch other homebrew to (re)softmod your console.
    You should use modmii (PC application) which will download all you need and will generate you a guide to update your Wii.

    Concerning the message you have:
    1. the IOS you have are "stub", meaning they don't have any data. This is only placeholder used by Nintendo. You need to update/install a patched IOS if you want to use USBloaders.
    2. Your USBloader is probably really outdated. That messages is not part of USBLoaderGX anymore. You will have to update it too.

    You can tell priiloader to stop launching the "installed homebrew" on boot.
    In the settings you should be able to tell it to launch either the System menu of the homebrew channel. it will be easier for you until you are sure you want to set back your Wii to auto-boot an USBloader again.
  5. Graziela azevedo

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    Feb 3, 2013
    Thank you so much *_ * save my life and my wii *____* thank thank thank you.