help me in OP: unlimited adventures

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    ok so i'm totally lost and have gotten to the point of wondering if the game has glitched me a second time. I guess i'll start with the first glitch. My lil brother started playing and got near teh beginning where you need a coconut and spent the next half an hr running around looking for a coconut but none of hte trees had it, finally we got fed up and turned it off and later on i started a new game and there was literally a coconut on every coconut tree... the damn coconuts werent there the first time!!! ok so now im stuck in the jungle and it's asking for anti-poison remedy yet for the love of god chopper and sanji dont know how to make it and i've ran the damn jungle so many times. what am i suppose to do in the jungle?
    jeez i fail at games :[
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    Oct 30, 2008
    You have to catch a green bee (near the spiked vines) and if I remeber correctly honey. But if catch the green bee chopper will learn the anti poison.