Hacking [Help] 3DS won't boot after updating CFW


Aug 6, 2016
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Hello everyone, long story short. I'ts been like a year since the last time that I actually played on my 3DS, today I got it out to remember the good old times and start playing with it again. I turned it on and everything was perfect as expected, so my first decision was to update it right? I mean after a year, it's only natural I would do that. After it finished updating it didn't turn itself back on as usual, just a black screen. I turned it off manually and turned it back on and still a black screen after the 3DS initial logo. Is there a way to fix this? thanks in advance

Additional info that might help:
I remember downgrading the firmware back to 4.0 or 4.2? maybe lower, to install Arm9loaderhax or something like that only to upgrade it back again to 9.2 I believe? but this time it had Arm9 installed. I also installed Reinand, the guide I followed back then clearly stated the official firmware wouldn't boot anymore only the custom firmware so everytime I turned my 3ds on, I would get "3DS Reinand" boot screen.
If I take the SD card out nothing happens when I turn it on, only black screen, if the SD is inserted I get the "3DS Reinand" boot screen and then a black screen.
I read somewhere else to hold L,R, D pad up and A, this works since I get to the "update" menu but it's futile since the console is already updated.
Clearly I switched my sysnand for my emunand, now I can't get to my official firmware to try and use the new B9S.
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