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Feb 13, 2022
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Hello, happy superbowl day to all that celebrate esp. tecmo fans. Sorry for the ramblings and a huge thanks to all the help I've already gotten without any direct assistance from this site and members. I think my probs are likely all a bunch of little things and I'll treat silence as an answer that I've gotten far enough to ignore a few things. I do have some bugs with my hacked wii tho: (i did try and search most all these issues on here)

The full shutdown hack doesn't seem to work, I still get standby from remote power off
Launching store bought original discs from system menu doesn't work if i have the force ios hack which i guess lets me play back up discs from that menu ( i disabled that hack and og discs run again)
I'd like to uninstall Actraiser wad from system menu. I installed it after I thought I'd never get covers for snes games but now i have them.

Goldeneye 64 on not64 has no sky/lots of bugs. same rom plays nice enough on my laptop tho with muppen front end m64py

I tried using additional sub folders in the rom section with not64 and it hated that so i put them all back in the rom folder but i might just delete some of the n64 roms on the card for tidiness. the sub foldes under roms work with other emulators including with covers/screenshots
I tried switching wbfs folder for usb loader gx from hdd to sd and it didn't work. hdd is still fine and the sd card still works just still need the hdd for usb loader gx games

controllers: my new refurbished wii classic pro with the right screws so it is oem anyway like i'll be playing goldeneye on not64 stop go back to homebrew and sometimes I'll have to unplug WCP controller from wii remote because like phantom button pushing is going on like it is uncontrollable like it is hitting buttons itself. I just plugged and played with the WCP. I also bought a like xbox controller for the laptop it is usb i tried just plugging it in to the wii but that didn't work.

generally not sure if I have the best/least buggy set up

Here's a um brief summary of what I got going: White Wii, plays back up discs(after hack). Once upon a time in the year 2009-maybe a friend told me that my newish wii could be hacked so thus began my journey. That round I got homebrew channel installed on my 1bg micro sd card and I got neogamma to play some but not all of my back up discs that i burned. do not recall what i did exactly but it basically worked I just didn't well I only really liked wii sports not mario gala. sorry so sorry. basically i didn't play the wii much in the what couple weeks or so since 2009 until a few days ago when I realized that maybe I wanted to play other games beyond 1996's civ2 pc version.

I used ModMii to update everything and now not only does neogamma play all the back up discs I've got them installed on a self powered usb 500gb hdd using usb loader gx so i dont even use neogamma. I also installed fce ultra gx, snes9x gx, not64, nintendont, wiisx rx, visual boy advanced gx, and genesis plus gx. I also have installed Some YAWMM mod, HackMii installer, priiloader intaller, and priiloader launcher and then I guess i also have the homebrew browser installed but i haven't used it. Like yesterday I upgraded my sd card to 128 gb san disk sdxc with 120 mb speed. First i copied the 1bg card onto the 128 then I put all the roms on the new sd card except for wii and gamecube which are on the hdd tho i did try to put wii games on the card in wbfs folder. I have covers for nes, snes, along with wii and gamecube. i think i can get covers for sega and gameboy same way as nes. saves work on all the emulators. I can connect to the internet but after the cover downloads are done in usb loader gx i take it off line. I have what I guess is a forwarder for usb loader gx because it appears in the system menu next to homebrew channel. I can get the wii to launch to homebrew channel. Then I have similar set of emulators on my dell laptop from 2012 i5 2.4, win 10 64 bit, 6gb ram, think i have a graphics card couldn't find it real quick. Duckstation seems way better than wiisx rx at least for final fantasy tactics as does the muppen64 vs not64 at least for goldeneye. street fighter 2 works as well on both wii and laptop as does super mario brothers, metriod 2, phantasy star 2.

Is there a better set up esp. for performance than what I've got? I guess Wii Flow or Wii Flow lite or the new Wii Flow is popular but isn't it mainly for covers? I have those except for n64 and ps1 and both those emulators on the wii seem iffy esp. compared to laptop emulators and don't you have to inject those same emulators into wii flow or something? just seems like from where i am, getting wii flow running well is just busy work no real performance improvements but I'd love to know if I'm wrong about that or if other esp n64 emulators are better along with that list of i guess bugs from the top. Thanks again

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