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    Dec 13, 2016
    Hi everybody...

    Can anyone help me configuring hbloader with ReiNX?

    I have the configuration file under:

    I have hbl.nsp on ReiNX folder and I have:

    The latest ReiNX stable relese, latest hbmenu, latest hblauncher, latest everything...
    The file is never loaded at all... I don't understand.

    Is this feature really implemented on hbloader?
  2. KiraPT

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    Dec 27, 2010

    I know this answer is long overdue but, as stated on the official Reinx website:

    I can't open the Album when holding the 'R' button, it just opens the Homebrew Menu
    Currently hbl.nsp does not support this functionality. Please use the legacy format Homebrew Loader (hbloader) instead by removing hbl.nsp and instead placing the 010000000000100D folder into ReiNX/titles/.

    And under Step 2 on Reinx guide:

    "This is the Homebrew Loader. This overwrites the Album (by default) in your Switch menu to point to the Homebrew Menu. It is recommended to only run either hbl.nsp or 010000000000100D (Legacy Format) at a time to avoid issues."

    Simply put, you can only run hbl.nsp or the legacy format, not both and in your case the file never loads because Reinx is loading hbl.nsp and not the legacy. To fix this just delete the hbl.nsp file in the Reinx folder and reload the CFW and it will load the ini file.

    Hope that helps ;)
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