Haven't been into gaming lately. I can't make out why

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    Hi tempers,

    I have been thinking deeply about this inexplicable feeling I have been having time and again about gaming. I came here to see what others have to say, and if anyone can really help me out. This has been bothering me for far too long. Gonna try to keep the post as concise as possible. If it matters, I am a 21 male looking to go into medical school. Currently a Junior in undergrad.

    I was really into gaming. When I had the time, I would play video games all day. I played the snes, n64, gba sp, gamecube, ps1, ps2, nes when I was a kid. For ~8 years, between the age of 10-18, I lived in a fairly poor country (where video simply did not exist) before moving to America (I was born in America and lived there up until I was 10. grew up with the classics like snes, n64, Gameboy etc). My father would work in America over the spring and summer and come back and stay with us for the fall and winter. Upon his every return, he would ask me what I wanted. One year I asked for a ds light with new super Mario bros as my only game. Another I asked for the Nintendo gamecube with a few games. Another I asked for a psp with megaman maverick hunter x as my only game.

    The year I got my psp, I played maverick hunter x one level per day to try and saver the fun (same thing with Mario and the ds). It was the only game I had. One time, however, I spoke with my older brother who brought up hacking/modifying the psp. I dreamed of such things but never thought something like this was possible: to be able to play any snes, gba, gb, ps1, and psp game whenever I wanted as long as I had internet around? I did my research for about 3 weeks and finally modded the guy. For two years I played every psp, ps1, gba, snes game I always dreamed of playing. It was a dream come true. I would finish one game and move onto the next. My psp, which I still have under my bed, was where I had most of my fun.

    Then, when kingdom hearts 358/2days came out for the ds, my dad bought my an R4. The cycle repeated itself. I played every ds game I ever wanted (the marios, the sonics, the pokemon games).

    I'm now in America, studying to be a med student at a university. I bought a wii and a 3ds about 3 years ago together. Played skyward sword on the wii (pirated of course) and then let the console be. I played a few 3ds games like the Zelda games, 3d land, dream drop, new super Mario 2, and a few others (using a gateway 3ds card). I enjoyed the 3ds very much. I recently upgraded to a new 3ds, but I don't know why. I just have not had the chance to play it recently. I have absolutely no time to play games during the semester. I understand that. But where has my motive to play games gone?

    In the past I would rush to do my hw as soon as I got home to play games. Now, if I finish hw early, which is rare, I prefer to just lay in bed and chill.

    I just don't know where my motive is, at all. There are so many games I wanted to play like the bravely default series, pokemon sun and moon. I used to be a pokemon fanatic! I played and absolutely loved every single pokemon generation game. But when sun/moon came out, I was not excited at all. I was like meh, even though it looked really cool. I forced myself through x and y (enjoyed alpha sapphire though).

    It's hard to explain. I don't know if I got hit with the piracy syndrome or what. I feel like there are so many games I wanted to play, but never got the chance to, so they piled up, didn't know where to being, and more games continue to come out that I want to play, and so I never get to them. Like, I'm on winter break right now, but haven't touched my 3ds because there is too wide a variety to play from and I do not want to rush playing through any games. I just lost motive.

    The only game I am currently looking forward to is Kingdom hearts 3 for the ps4 (my favorite game hands down). It is the only game now that I can see myself playing. Although I enjoyed mario, pokemon, sonic, smash bros, Mario kart and many others very much, I just can't bring myself to be excited enough to play them anymore. It's weird. What is weirder is that I have a desire to purchase every console I ever played and every game I ever played and just have them on display for myself (I guess to help preserve the good memories? I'm broke though). I always had this desire to encompass a little aspect from every single game I ever played into a single poster or something viewable that I can always remember my gaming past by, but I don't know how to do that. I don't know why I want to do this either. Is it nostalgia perhaps? I just can't make this all out. I don't know how to explain these feelings.

    - don't feel like playing video games anymore.
    - still love seeing sequels and games moving forward, even though I don't play them.
    - I think nostalgia is forcing me to find a way to encompass every gaming memory into some kind of physical sentiment.
    - I feel left out of the gaming community; all these cool games come out. Everyone gets to play them while I don't get to (I don't feel like it).

    Sorry for going on a rant. I wanted to put this out there for a while, but was embarrassed to. I highly value your input and what you have to say. Thanks for taking the time to read.

    Edit: Grammar. Added TlDR
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  2. Sonic Angel Knight

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    Maybe try a variety of games, maybe try games with other people. But if you are set on such work as medical field, maybe you just won't have time for such things, no offense. Is all about the right kind of situation, mentaility, game, people, is many possible reasons. Remember any fun games you enjoyed before? Try them again. Hopefully you will find them fun to play.

    Too bored, play the games you know best in different ways, Play mega man with a handicap, try beating the whole game without using special weapons or life upgrades. Give yourself a new experience to familiar game. :)

    Kinda lonely? Invite some friends over, or play online, that what they invented it for, play games on different difficulty, use different controls or something, use cheats, there always new stuff to discover with cheats, like sonic debug mode on the genesis, or game genie codes. :P

    You just have to try to find different ways to spice of the game for fun. Try some rom hacks, i have a few suggestions if you like, i even made a review for one, Rock man 4 minus infinity on nes, recommend any mega man fan to play, there bunch of sonic genesis or super mario world rom hacks, rom hacks offer new game play functions and different levels of difficulty.

    Just keep trying, you will find something out eventually about the reason behind your not so willing to play games. Try finding compilation games, i Sonic ultimate genesis collection has 40+ Sega games to choose from, some you may never heard of or played and might enjoy, I never heard of beyond oasis (Or story of thor) for the europe fans. But is a fun game and just about as good or not better than link to the past, you can also find my review on here :D

    It helps to explore different possibilites, just don't give up if you really wanna do this kind of thing, but if you aren't enjoying it, maybe is just a reason to try again later, everything requies breaks and pacing, everyone is different as well so is nothing to be embarassed or shame about. I like games many don't, vice versa, I haven't played a pokemon game since GBA and is not a bad game series just i lost interest. I like metroid other m cause is fun to play and presentation is good to watch. You need variety to keep yourself entertained, playing same kinds of things will get boring as people are always changing. :unsure:
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    Maybe you are just bored of the same old shit.

    Try some of the smaller indie games, that actually try to be different/offer something new over the same old recycled crap that AAA puts out often.
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    It sounds like you've never played a rhythm game. Pick one that looks interesting and try it. Chances are good you will absolutely love it, so definitely give it a try.

    Other than that, I would do as you have been. If you wanna chill, just chill and definitely focus on your schoolwork.
    No worries there. I'll never understand why Pokemon games are considered good. I don't consider them good. Not going into the details, it's just not my type of game.
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    Wrong section, really should have been a blog

    Yeah, I feel ya.
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    Gaming for me has mostly come to a screeching halt on consoles. And on computers, only DOOM (2016), Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft (Survival, Hard Mode), and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch have held my interest within the past 5 years.

    I don't do MMOs.
    I don't do RTS's.
    I don't do Simulators. (This includes driving simulators)
    I don't do "click to make your guy go here and attach them" games.

    I do single player shooters.
    I do 2D and 3D platformers.
    I do pixelated platformers.
    I do FPS action and puzzle games. (Half-Life2 , Portal 2, etc.)
    I do retro games.
    I do single-player RPGs if they have a good story and characters.
    I do combative racing. (Blur, Carmageddon, Twisted Metal, Burnout 3, Split-Second, etc)
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