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    I have a Wasabi DX mod chip. I just updated my wasabi to 3.0, and now my NSMBW works (YES!!!), but only for like 15 minutes (NOOOOO!!!). How do I make it work longer? And i have a 4.0U wii. Do i need to upgrade higher? I just dont want my wii to brick. Would taking out the WASABI DX modchip, updating, then putting it back in work? I also want super mario galaxy 2 so tell me about that too. And can i play online? Please try to answer at least one of these questions. Thanks for those who were helpful!
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    I know nothing about the Wasabi chip however you shouldn't be able to brick your system. Softmod is the way to go these days, drivechips are pretty pointless except the WODE.
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    If you just updated, why would updating it to the same version work?

    You could take out the Wasabi DX and softmod.

    SMG2 has no piracy protection.

    You can play online without cheats.

    It's not an IOS problem so updating won't work (unless it freezes at the same point, then maybe it is an IOS problem.
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    Are you using a burned copy of nsmbw? If you are you, need to rip the game back to your computer as an iso, patch it with the wasabi bca patcher, and reburn the disc. You can get the tool from this page http://wasabi.net.cn/downloads.html.
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    I would also say it looks like you did not patch the BCA data into the disc. The other way would be to patch the protection out of the game, but that would require messing with IOS again. If the disc has just the BCA data added, the disc counts as unmodified for the disc channel.