Hacked My Vita in 2020...should I update anything ?


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Feb 22, 2017
United States
Hey all,

Sorry if this has been asked before and it's been a while so I could use a refresher. I hacked my OLED Vita back in 5/2020(I made a note for myself back then), I forget what I did then and now I started playing with it again. I was looking for a portable emulation device (and some newer games if possible)and back in 2020, unless you were playing NES or under games, it didn't do very well. Even N64, Mario 64 for example would get 5-10 frames a second and choppy audio. Even SNES emulation was very hit or miss. At the time the emulation for the Vita was still using a lot of PSP apps, and that was part of it.

I installed newest version for DaedalusX64 and RetroArch, I am impressed, major updates on these completely opens it. A bunch of N64 games play really great, and everything else, even SNES, I can't find a game that runs poorly.

This system is on 3.60 and I followed https://vita.hacks.guide/ when I did it....So I have Adrenaline, Vitashell etc. They are all from 2020. Should I re-do the hack to update all the apps(I do play some PSP and Vita games), or should I just leave it alone? Also seeing that there is a NEW update for the Vita, will that break my hack or just don't update?

Thanks for your time and long live the Vita !

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