[Guide] TLoZ BotW - Save Data Conversion Normal to Master Mode

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    Please read edits

    EDIT 2.5

    Hex editing is not be necessary after all, I have tried using vanilla imported data from Normal Mode into Master Mode which didn't work initially, so I thought it would be a flag set in the file that determined whether it was Normal of Master Mode, however upon starting a fresh file and saving after unlocking the amiibo Rune, I have replaced the game_data.sav from that file with a vanilla one from Normal Mode and kept the caption.sav file intact, meaning it could just be the caption file that needs to be left intact in order to ensure it works.

    However this could cause other unexpected issues, I am unsure how much data is saved in the caption.sav file, but it seems to have some affect on the amiibo Rune at least.

    Long story short, start a new game, unlock the amiibo rune and then swap out your save file but keep the caption.sav file, will look into it more.
    Hopefully someone can come up with a more solid method of actually converting the game_data.sav and caption.sav files in the future.

    EDIT 1

    I have been testing this further and discovered that my amiibo Rune has stopped working, I am looking into the reason why (perhaps I turned the amiibo flag off in one of the Hex edits) and will edit again if I discover the reason why this has happened.

    For the sake of discussion and information I will leave the original information intact in this post however the text will be made smaller so as to ensure it doesn't stand out.

    This thread is for discussion of save file conversion from Normal Mode to Master Mode, please keep this into consideration and keep your opinions regarding this matter to yourself if they are not positively contributing to the discussion.

    Thank you.​


    Firstly this is so early on that it should be treated more as a proof of concept that proves it can be done, I found this with the intention of doing so but it took a little fumbling, I hope someone else can take this and turn it into something useful, if anyone can provide an automated solution or if these instructions aren't clear enough then please feel free to improve and I'll edit this post with better instructions and a thank you note, s

    For this you'll need to dump your save data, I suggest using Saviine.


    Once you have obtained your save data, navigate to the \80000001 folder and you will see folders listed:

    0 - 8

    0+ are for Normal Mode.
    6 - 7 are for Master Mode.

    Take the game_data.sav file from 0 (Nomal Mode) and open it in a Hex Editor.

    HxD is free and easy to use:


    Navigate to these lines and offsets:

    0000 0080 offset 03

    Change each of the 01's to 00's.
    (Images attached to post)

    Now take the game_data.sav you just edited from folder 0 and copy it into folder 6 or 7.

    Use Saviine to inject your save data and boot up Master Mode, you should be good to go.

    Unfortunately I have not succeeded in bringing over the tracker data, I hope someone else can look into this and make this happen.

    Let me know if you have issues, I will do my best to explain in as much detail as I can.

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