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    Jan 16, 2009
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    Hello, this is my first topic but I was reading all the forum for the last month. I'm very insteresting in the graphic of Professor Layton and the Curious Village. This files have the .arc extension but I can't open it, i tried a lot of programs like narctool, nitroexplorer, tahaxan and i look that the aren't arc file because the haven't got the header as narc. I tried open with Tile Molester without palette because I can't found it, I can look the palette trought PAL VIEW of DesMume.
    the images with tile view:
    the palette of the previous images and the real image take from a screenshoot playing the rom with desmume:
    File without palette and with 8 bbp linear codec, I don't know if it has 8 bbp or 4 bbp but I obtein a similar result.
    I think the palettes are in arm9.bin but I can't found it. I have tried it for 2 month, I start without any knowledge but now I know hexadecimal and I use good CrystalTile I think my knowledge is enough, I read a lot of post of hacking games and i tried with other games. Well if someone can help me I will be grateful because I am getting headache.
    I know my english is so bad, sorry [​IMG] .