Got a real gaming issue.. Can't seem to get into anything.

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    Feb 12, 2008
    I love gaming always have since i was young and got introduced a 386 with "hocus pocus"
    Lately been playing mostly Overwatch and Heartstone. Awesome games. However not that good at shooting. and Heartstone's new expansion isnt THAT fun or good for gameplay imo.
    So im moving on from those for now.

    I have ALL 3DS games that are even noteworthy or look interesting in the slightest.
    Same for Vita and PSP. (Not joking i have a SHIT load of games lol even the jap release translated ones esp for psp)
    Took me some years to gather them.

    Last game I finished was Odin Sphere (well not exactly finished i am at the corwell story) And played some 20-30 hours dead or alive extreme 3 before that came a little bit boring or not as much boring as much as i realised i wanted or needed to play other games. Played some 10 hours Grand Kingdom. but i suppose it will get alot more fun when you are further in.

    What my issue is now, I basically am SO SO SO HYPED about SO many games. That i sometimes end up not playing anything. Because i KNOW how much fun I will have xD if that makes any sense...
    I have hard time choosing one and sticking to it, because I tend to keep thinking about the other games that are also so awesome so i become somewhat unfocussed.
    Especially if I get a piece of a game that is hard, i have very little patience for it when compared to the past, except if it's an RPG challenge i tend to like those. But having said this alot of games are also too easy for me and you hardly need to use all the mechanics in a game.

    There is also the thought that perhaps i stick too long to one game and should just try out more and see what sticks.. (but that goes against my philisophy of finishing a game once you start it, im kinda the completionist for the entire experience)

    Anyway these are some of the games i am thinking about.

    Golden Sun 3 (10% in story perhaps?)
    FFX 12 HD / 12-2 HD (5% in story)
    Digimon Cyber Sleuth (80% in story)
    Tales of hearts (1% in story)
    Xenoblade Chronicles (1% in story)
    Dragonball Tenkaichi tag team PSP (1% in story)
    And the list just goes on and on :D I love gaming but i dont know why i just can't enjoy them as much as i used to... They are awesome!
    Bravely default 1+2

    As for coming games
    DB Xenoverse 2
    Sword art online Hollow realisation.
    World of final fantasy

    Got a shit load of PC games aswell i had 700 on them on my pc never played many of them lol so i deleted the ones i wasnt interested in anymore and got down to like 250 in my steam library.
    Still many to play of the PC aswell, like Crysis 2, Crysis 3, GTA V, Witcher 3, so many damn awesome games it just goes on and on.

    Anyone have any advice to share this upon? Just don't know what to choose.
    I am already having other activity's in my life for half year i do sports again.. but still this feeling remains.
    Perhaps because i am unable to work, thus not having a job, adds in on this problem so gaming is basically a good deal of my life. My greatest hobby.

    Also it doesn't matter if the games are paid for or not. My entire Vita library is paid for. My 3DS's isn't but it doesn't have any effect on my problem.
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  2. streetbrawler123

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    Mar 9, 2013
    Complete all the Tales of series on the second hardest difficulty.

    That's a fun thing to do
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  3. Silverthorn

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    Mar 27, 2012
    I hadn't been gaming as much as I used to for a while now (especially after I got rid of my MOBA addiction), mostly watching streams or videos instead of actually playing games. I just seem to find so many little faults with each game or I just get lazy and never touch the game again because of lack of interest.
    Witcher 3 is one of the few games I have managed to play consistently lately. The gameplay is good, and so is the story, it keeps me playing. I'd recommend it.
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  4. Chrisssj2

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    Feb 12, 2008
    Yeah I have had that phase too, been addicted to league for quite some years, that is also a reason why alot of these games became unplayed. I quit league this year though.
    Now i sometimes have pain in my hand with PC games so i go really easy with those. Handheld games with a controller are easier on my hand.

    The thing is with witcher 3. My SSD crashed and i was having alot of fun with it. perhaps done a couple of quests. (met the king and the cute chick)
    So now my savegame is gone.. and i find little motivation to start it again, even if its only some couple of hours playing perhaps.
    Was also playing Xcom 2.. savegame gone too :(

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    One of the latest tales games i did was, Tales of the abyss. 200 hours in on New game plus. But i decided i should check out other games aswell then spending too much time on one.
    Tales of hearts should be fun. Tales of Zestria on the pc had the weirdest battle system... couldn't get into it, don't know why...
  5. Blaze163

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    Nov 19, 2008
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    We all have a little bit of a burnout on gaming every now and then. I go through phases where I won't play a damn thing for weeks. It works in my favour though, I use that time to learn a new song on my guitar, paint a new picture, write a new story, etc. Last time it happened I learned how to play Superbeast by Rob Zombie. Try to do something creative with your time, it keeps your spirits up.
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  6. Ev1lbl0w

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    Dec 19, 2014
    The exact same thing happenned to me. When I was saving money to buy a 3DS, I was thinking in SO MANY games I could play, and I WAS SO FUC**NG HYPED!

    Then, after hacking it, I installed around 30 games, I think. I basically played 5 minutes in each one, because I was so hyped to play all of them.

    Because of that, I started to feel disencouraged of playing the games. I even decided to select 4 random games and I could only play those for a month, to see if I could at least complete them.

    It didn't work. So, I simply let the 3DS off for several weeks. Then, I started to feel like this: "Hey, you just bought a console, and you're not using it? WTF is your problem?".

    When I started playing 3DS again, I decided to try another thing: instead of the usual fight, action, adventure games, let's play another type of games: painting, picross, puzzle and visual novels. These were genres that I never played but there were some good titles for the 3DS.

    So, I finally got ADDICTED to one game. Seriously. Some guys get ADDICTED to a game the moment they play. But I couldn't get addicted to them before. And the game was: Phoenix Wright - Dual Destinies.

    Because it was a new type of game that I never played, I felt better. I completed it in about a month, and then started playing other genres that I didn't play.

    After a month or two, I finally started to enjoy playing adventure and action games. I'm currently playing Zelda Majora's Mask like a crazy person and 3 months before I would play it for around 5 minutesbefore getting bored.

    So, follow my advice: play genres that you never played. Try new things, and then you might feel some nostalgy for the games you already played, and come back to them.
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  7. RevPokemon

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    Aug 24, 2014
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    I agree 100%.
    I was at a point one time where all I played were racers and eventually got tired of playing the genre. Then I tried platformers and other genres that I was well used to but again same thing. Then I decided to change and try a fighting game so I picked Erhgiez and Darkstalkers and it really opened up my taste and lead me to be somewhat of a fighting fan (although i still suck at them ;) ). Likewise I kept trying new genres that I never played before like FPS (How did I NOT play Doom or Quake?), Puzzles (Tetris Attack is probable one of my favorite games now), and a few others. I can ultimately say it has broaden my own horizon so it should work for you too.
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  8. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    I can partially attest to you, Chrisssj2. I was never that much into hyped games, but other than that I had that very same situation.

    Let's start with the most confronting thing: you're not unable to work. I won't go into detailed questions on the why not get a job (there's a huge-ass youth unemployment), but actually working is something you really should go out and do. If not for the money, it's for the social interaction. Doing something others care about. As a former long-term unemployee myself, I found it pretty hard to find reason in living at times. But you really need goals in life. If it's not work, then charity or following a course. Sports is good too, provided that you keep improving the sports that you're doing (I went from nothing to running the Antwerp ten miles, as well as from absolutely zero knowledge or practice to a brown belt in karate...that too is within your grasp :D ). The irony, perhaps, is that I started enjoying games more the less hours I put into them ( a certain degree, obviously ;) ). to the games themselves: I notice you list pretty heavy games. Not just hyped AAA-games (though I suspect they all are), but ones that easily take at least 10-20 hours to complete. These usually do this by upgrade systems, grinding and superfluous (side)questing systems. I can't tell by the list alone, but could it be that you're deep down fed up with all the tedious searching for trinkets and adding a +1 to your abilities while continuing to do what you pretty much did since the start of the game?

    As is mentioned by Ev1lbl0w and RevPokemon: try other genres. Instead of blowing up things, build something. Instead of shooting people, try conversing with them. Instead of AAA-titles, go for indie stuff. Instead of a long, multi-hour spanning trip go for something short. Or vice versa. I know you've got some of those "other" games in your library, so it may be the time to just do that: explore. :)
  9. Hungry Friend

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    Apr 16, 2015
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    I'm on a bit of a hiatus from long, story-based games myself so my advice would be to play some old arcade games. Beat-em-ups, shmups, older fighting games and all that good stuff whether emulated through MAME, all the legal collections and downloadable stuff out there(Last Blade 2 now has a downloadable PS4 release with online play) or whatever. Quick, fun games to play and they've really rekindled my love for gaming and reminded me why I got into gaming back in 1989. Plus it's just cool to be able to play the legit arcade ROMs of stuff like SF2 Hyper Fighting, the first 3 Marvel VS games and all those NeoGeo games I couldn't even dream of affording as a kid.

    JRPGs are generally my thing but they and other story-based games require quite the commitment. Not so for arcade games generally.
  10. Sonic Angel Knight

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    May 27, 2016
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    You need motivation, be inspired to play the game, just playing the game to play it is not good, you play to have fun, and you need to find a way to have fun with your game, play with friends, play online if you like, look for secrets, explore things, use cheats, find glitches, have yourself a damn good time. Play games with handicap challenge, do a speedrun, so many things to do. If your not having fun with your game, maybe try again later when your motivated. I made a blog post about how online gaming changed my expectations of multiplayer mode and how it effected me today about the games i play. You can read here. :)

    Some games don't have enough content to keep the player entertained or invested in the game, and rely on the online mode to fufill some of that, along with dlc and is bad. But there other things and ways to have fun with different games. Play super mario bros blindfolded. See how far you can get, Play without using the Dash button. Play megaman with only mega buster.... watch people play and find ideas to motivate you to play games. You can do it. :D
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  11. RevPokemon

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    Aug 24, 2014
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    Very true I must say. I remember I played Mario (the orginal snes remake) without using any fire flowers and it gave me a very different experience.