Getting a 360, have some questions!

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  1. Jokiz

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    Jun 13, 2007

    Im getting a Xbox 360, and im planning to flash it to play backups. But I have some questions Id like to ask first.

    1st of all, is it possible to flash a Xbox 360 Elite? If it is, then is it more complicated? Because I have no skill in modding and such... :S

    Next, how does this flashing thing work? Im a very big newb at this modding thing, I got someone else to mod my Wii, but I actually flashed my DS myself [​IMG]
    So, can anyone try to explain the "Modding/Flashing Process" as easy as possible? If anyone know a Video Tutorial that would be nice too [​IMG]

    And last, Ive heard that there are many different firmwares out there, so im just wondering..What is the best? Ive heard iExtreme 1.4 or something makes you "safe" on LIVE and that sounds good, but is there something better?

  2. unr

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    Feb 20, 2007
    I think elites come with BenQ drives in them. If so, they can be flashed.

    Google for textbook's 360 flashing tutorial. Get both the .pdf and see the video. I used his tutorial and it worked great.
    Flashing is easy, as long as you have the right equipment and some spare time.

    iXtreme 1.4 is said to be Live-safe. Best choice for firmware at the moment.
  3. Da Mafia

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    Oct 27, 2004
    Elite's come with either a Benq or an Hitachi at the moment. Benq's are very easy to flash but the Hitachi's will require a modchip installed to be able to flash.
  4. aZnXrAvEr

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    May 18, 2007
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    As unr said, take a look at Textbook's Xbox 360 flashing guide. Here:
    It's kinda outdated though (doesn't cover how to flash Benq drives and the new Hitachi drives) but you can get the idea of how to do the flashing.

    You can also watch Textbook's video here:
    He goes through the entire process of opening the 360, getting the file downloads, flashing, etc.

    And like Da Mafia said, the Elite's come with Benq or Hitachi drives right now. You can go to to get an idea of which drive you might get in your Elite and at which store.

    I ordered my Elite online at because it had free shipping and no tax. When it came, I opened up the case and saw that it had a Hitachi 79FL drive. These drives are currently need a passkey to be flashed. But I think one day, someone will figure out how to flash it without a passkey. I'm waiting for that day to come. [​IMG]
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    iXtreme firmware 1.4 like any other firmware will only keep you safe on LIVE if you use true 1:1 copies of original games.

    New games may come out with additional areas on the disc that the current copying methods may not pick up, then if you use that game you will be banned.

    The risk is always there.
  6. jalapeno

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    Dec 27, 2006
    just flashed my system today, i am a noob like you when it comes to these things

    Get a BenQ - they are the easiest. - you should be able to recognize the lot numbers/Team that have the BenQ.

    But you can always exchange it if you get the wrong drive, just keep the receipt.

    If you get the BenQ its pretty much impossible to kill your system as long as you take precautions.

    And if you want to copy original games you'll need a kreon flashed drive and a dual layer DVD burner. so thats about $40 each is a real help
    so is
  7. LordWill072284

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    Jul 29, 2006
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    hey guys sounds pretty good, just bought a premium 360 on website, pretty sweet lil payments,/

    want to flash as well, however i read the textbook and i don't have the stuff on the comp (would need to buy the sata pci card) no big deal.

    Just wonderin thou, i'm in NS, Canada, is there anyone in this province on here that could flash it for me? just curious as it might be easier to do that then, wait and spend money, scared i'll blow it up [​IMG]

    pm if possible guys thanks