[Get-FAR-AWAY] GWA9LH to Luma

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  1. soaresden

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    Dec 16, 2013
    Hi Everyone !
    Since I didn't followed for a while the whole scene I'm currently not up to date...

    I'm currently with the last GW 4.1b stuck in autoboot with their A9LH.
    Someone did the update by mistake on the Emunand to the latest FW 11.1 so no multi-game menu at all.

    What I want it get rid of that autoboot and returning back to a bootmanager (like ctr that let me
    - boot to GW (for GW)
    - boot in luma (for GBA)
    - boot in classic

    I have curently NO IDEA how to get back to a normal GW and do the transition to Luma.

    I have all my backup nan from 4.5 to 9.2 and even 10.3

    I reallly do Appreciate your help without breaking all this.

    Thanks <3
  2. PaiiNSteven

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    Well, until an update comes out, you're fucked. Can you open SafeA9LHInstaller or Decrypt9 in anyway?
    If you ever get out of this, use the standalone GW a9lh payload, not the GW a9lh installation. Its at the bottom of the private beta.
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    Feb 14, 2015
    First you need to find your otp.bin which should be generated somewhere on you sd card when you were installing GW's fastboot.
    Then restore your sysnand to 9.2, the backup you made before GW's a9 was installed. Check this link http://gbatemp.net/threads/safea9lhinstaller.419577/ . you should be able to install community's A9 via hbl on 9.2. You should be able to find all the files needed except otp.bin here https://github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki/Updating-arm9loaderhax, but don't follow this guide since you're not actually updating a9lh, you need to re-install.

    BTW, if you're confuced about how to install a9 on 9.2, or can't find otp.bin anywhere, you can always restore 9.2 nand backup and then follow this guide https://github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki/Part-1-(Decrypt9) from start.
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  4. CreAtor135

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    Jan 10, 2015
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    Do you have your OTP and a NAND backup?
  5. Quantumcat

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    Nov 23, 2014
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    Put a pre-a9lh backup on your SD card and name it NAND.bin. Go into the Gateway menu (use 3.7.1 launcher.dat and boot up without the cartridge inserted) and hold Up over the 'Downgrade' menu option. Press A. That should let you restore your backup.

    Then, follow https://github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki Or for convenience, download the whole guide and required files in one go from my page quantumc.at

    If you still have your otp.bin and a 9.0-9.2 backup you could alternatively install from safearm9installer.3dsx following the second half of https://github.com/Plailect/Guide_RedNAND/wiki/Cubic-Ninja-OTP
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  6. evandixon

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    May 29, 2009
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    Sep 13, 2009
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  8. Hayleia

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    Feb 26, 2015
    Do you do NAND backups sometimes? Because the accidental update to 11.1 could be fixed in no time by just restoring an emuNAND backup with 11.0.
    And if you want to get rid of Gateway's a9lh, you need a sysNAND backup too as others said.
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  9. soaresden

    soaresden GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 16, 2013
    Wow many answers !

    Thanks to all

    I'm gonna use https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-3ds-multi-emunand-creator.381603/ to inject my 11.0 emunand backup just to be able to use GW again.
    edit : it's OK for 11.0 =) !

    For A9lh I will use a 9.2 nand backup I already have
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  10. soaresden

    soaresden GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 16, 2013
    Sorry double post,

    Now I'm lost !
    There is so many tutorials that I can't figure out which is my case :/

    Now I have my emunand A9lh GW 11.0 working, as I told before, I would like to delete this a9lh autobooting.
    Because time as past, I don't even remember what is my sysNand (9.2 I supposed ?)
    And obviously I can't turn on the 3DS without SD card

    I just use the GW time machine with the emunand and it downgraded it to 10.3 .. GREAT but I expected it to touch the sys not the Emu !

    Can somemone guide me into this ?

    EDIT :
    Can't use the GW launcher menu with restore my NAND.bin 9.2 file backup to sysNAND (up+click on downgrade). it shows an unexpected error :/)
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