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    GBAtemp game of the week- week #14

    You have found yourself reading the thread for week #14 of the GBAtemp book game club. The idea behind this series is fairly simple; we cover several systems around here and they all have many examples of things worth knowing about so as such in each thread a game gets posted and then the floor is open to discuss it as a whole, for some mechanics of, the music, the levels and whatever else. Although we are not adverse to having games that feature in such lists we would like to state this is not explicitly a top games feature so if something failed to live up to potential but is worth being able to say "yeah I played that once" it can feature too. To this end the game might be one of the so called hidden gems, an ultra popular title most (or those around for it) will have played, one of the homebrew titles for the system, a hack of the game and on occasion if a few representatives of a theme/genre are to hand a compare and contrast can happen.[/p]

    Metroid Zero Mission Boss rush hack on the GBA

    The original Metroid Zero mission was the third handheld Metroid title and second on the GBA. The game itself was a remake of the original NES entry with a rather interesting bonus mission that saw you lose your suit and only be armed with a stun weapon, for some it played second fiddle to the other GBA Metroid (Metroid Fusion) but the original is rightly considered a classic and this is a nice tribute to it. However that is not why we are here today, today we are here to talk about the boss rush hack from monkeyboi. Throughout the history of console/game hacking there have been those that take the games and reverse engineer them with much of the effort going to translation hacking and the odd improvement to an existing translation but alongside this there are also those who wish to use the engine to do things like change the entire game. This particular hack changes the exploration heavy nature of the game (these were the titles that helped coin the term metroidvania after all) into a boss rush mode where you get to pick your weapons and pit yourself against the bosses of the game with the most kudos going to the one that beats the bosses the fastest with the fewest weapons. Those wanting a less drastic hack or indeed something more in line with what Metroid usually goes in for are pointed at the large collection of patches at or indeed at interdpth's hacking program double helix which helped make this hack.

    The hack requires the US version of the title- GBAtemp release thread[/p]

    [​IMG] Filetrip patch download

    A video of some of the bosses (not a video of the hack)​


    An affront to the Metroid name or something that you find really enjoyable or maybe even something that got you back into the game, feel free to discuss it[/p]

    [​IMG] Discuss should get you other links in this series
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    Feb 16, 2011
    nice, great to see something Metroid related [​IMG] Zero Mission is definitely one of my favorite games, a real masterpiece imho

    Interesting Hack... The Bosses sure were fun to fight, especially without much equipment ^^ Which reminds me, I still have a save of my low equip run in hard mode, but it's just too damn hard to get to Mother Brain when those regenerating doors need 5 missile hits while I can only carry 2...
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    amazing hack, he must have injected a lot of codes or completely changed the structure of the rom (i am guessing only)
    but i always find bosses to be difficult