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    [h2]GBAtemp book game club #83[/h2]

    Runaway series (NDS, Wii and PC)
    As with many of these threads we have a few ways to start it and a few directions to take the background info/overview. Here were we to do tags they would probably read something like [surprisingly good rendition of what was originally a PC game] (a surprisingly common theme in DS games, especially when console ports of PC games have often been seen to suffer terribly and it only running downhill when it comes to handheld games) and [handhelds- home to a once proud gameplay style] (something we expound upon on a fairly regular basis around here). Perhaps due to both happening at the same time we got a couple of notable titles though without much in the way of a North American release they do not seem to have featured as heavily as some other titles. The [handhelds- home to a once proud gameplay style] gameplay style of choice today is the point and click adventure game, a style served for a long time mainly only by the excellent DS homebrew port of ScummVM. Eventually a few developers did click that touchscreen and a well refined style of gameplay coupled with reasonable development costs and a high install base could be a good idea with this being one of the earlier attempts and one that many would argue stood the test of time against very stiff competition later on (helped in no small part but the rather pretty cel shaded graphics).
    We are reluctant to discuss too much of the story here as these sorts of games are all about the mystery but it is set approximately in the modern day and things go very wrong for the player characters as they are on holiday.
    There are three entries in the series give or take spinoffs and special versions. The first is PC only, the second is PC, DS and Wii where the third is PC and DS. By and large, unlike many other point and click franchises, they do work as standalone games though jumping to the last game is not recommended if you can help it as it does carry on from the second. The puzzles are not quite as obtuse as some of the luminaries of the gameplay style are known for but many would have us say there is no shame in having a guide for some of the puzzles in these games.

    Gameplay and a few words with the developers​
    GBAtemp release thread ( Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle 1.1) The v1.1 in this case includes Spanish and Italian though there may be a few other bugfixes​
    GBAtemp release thread (Runaway: A Twist of Fate) - the third game/sequel to the first DS game​

    The DS once more a refuge of the forgotten gameplay styles/subversive method of getting them out of obscure circles on the PC? It was also one of the first attempts at such a game on the DS and with later ones like Ghost trick, the Kyle Hyde games (Hotel Dusk) and several other choices achieving massive acclaim were we premature in saying it holds up or have we chosen a little known gem for this selection? Do also feel free to share a couple of your chosen DS and Wii point and click favourites.

    We are working on getting a new searching mechanism working with the new forum software now our tag system has been changed. In the meantime all the editions are in this section and hopefully GBAGOTW should get you the other entries in the series. gbagotw.

    The GBAtemp book game club/GBAtemp game of the week feature we have on GBAtemp are part of our mission to continue to be more than just releases and homebrew news.
    We have a few deeper themes and underlying reasons for what we do but hold a gun to our head and we would summarise this feature as "a user driven review/discussion of a selected title", we select a title and provide the background for the game but hold back on reviewing it in any real depth in the opening post as it is very much about the user driven review/discussion.
    We are not limiting ourselves to any one console or type of release but for the most part a game will want to have a notable entry as a commercial releases (this includes things like leaked beta releases and ROM hacks), a piece of homebrew code on the GBA, DS and Wii. That said the DS can emulate quite a bit so we may step on the toes of our friends across on the retro reviews desk from time to time and should a selection have something on another platform it will hopefully be mentioned in passing.
    We hold that the "best games in a given genre/platform" and "hidden gems" framing devices are horribly limiting and as such we often do pick titles that fell short of greatness but tried something interesting along the way which gives us a huge choice of interesting things to look at.
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    Pendulo studios make some great adventure games. I've been playing yesterday lately.

    Besides scumm vm there are some great ags games, like Ben There, Dan that. An android port based off the app port is now available.
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    From what I remember, the first DS title ( Dream of turtle ) wasn't that great of a port, in fact it looked like they took the PC graphics and down-scaled them to fit the DS screen resolution leaving the usual scaling artifacts that follow the conversion.
    However it was possible to zoom in and out and by zooming in the beautiful backgrounds and art direction really came to shine.

    The second DS title however ( Twist of fate ) was actually a much better port and it looked like they took the original artwork and re-sampled it at 256x192 and it looked just as stunning as on the DS as on the big brothers versions !
    The user interface was better optimized as well for the relatively small touch screen.

    But all in all, I have to saw they were two very solid titles and a welcome addiction to the DS library.

    I'm still looking for the Wii versions, I was living in the states at the time and I believe there was only a PAL release a long time ago.

    Also, a bit off topic but if one day we could get SCUMMVM games to run on the 3DS, I'm sure that the higher resolution screen would do a fantastic job at render classic scummvm games in all their un-scaled glory !
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    fuck me these games are hard (pc versions); you think you know advent games these make you do stuff you wouldn't even think of doing like looking in the same spot again only to discover there's something there this time or getting the same item again and again to use over and over! I dare anyone to try and get through dream of turtle and the sequel without using a guide :P
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    Out of curiosity (and of course because I religiously follow GBAtemp recommends), I'm playing Runaway a road adventure the PC version, and after a little over an hour of gameplay I must say it's pretty straightforward.
    Sure, you need to talk to someone or examine something before you are actually able to pick up and use some key items, but that's how most adventure games work.

    I'm only having a slightly problem with some stuttering videos, but considering how old the game is, it's not a major let down, I'm actually enjoying it very much and I can't help it but wish there was a competent Wii version out there; basically you only need a two button mouse to play it and it would be perfect with the Wii remote.

    I still didn't manage to get my hands on the Dream of the Turtle Wii version, but I heard they somehow managed to screw the simple point and click controls !
    How hard can it be to simply emulate a mouse with the Wii remote ??
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    that's the 1st runaway it's cake compared to dream of the turtle :P
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    the introduction to this is way too much of a chore to read. Why is everything in parentheses and brackets?
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