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Since 2002, GBAtemp has been a community-powered site, and nothing is more important to the site than its user base. With this new editorial feature, we're bringing the spotlight to you! We've decided to ask a set of simple questions to a Legendary Temper: a long-standing member of the community, someone who has made important contributions, or who bears significance to the history of the site or the forums. This may include staff and non-staff members. We'll try to make this a weekly feature, but with over 500,000 members now, it may take a while for you to be featured :bortz:

In this week's edition, we've decided to pay a visit to our dear Jayro, one of the most prominent members of our community, creator of the famous Medicat tools (such as Medicat USB) and founder of the Gameboy Modding! group.

  • Who are you, and what do you do in real life?
I never use my real name online for safety reasons, and you all know me as Jayro Jones, respectively. But behind that personified name that you've all have come to know, is a brutally honest, opinionated-yet-open-minded individual that loves tinkering with electronics. My life began in the early 80's, where the first computer I ever got to see as a kid caught my eye. It was a Commodore 64, and used my parent's TV as the screen. I watched my step-brother code a program in BASIC, and when he ran the program it displayed a stick figure out of ASCII doing jumping-jacks. That was all it took for me to fall in love with computers. I got quite adept with the machine, and it was quite a fun little hobby of mine. My father eventually got me cartridge upgrades, and a real Commodore 64 monitor.

Fast-forward to high school, and my love for computers only grew fonder. I got to use Windows 3.11 machines to draw in Paintbrush (Now known as MS Paint), play DOS games, and upgrade the internal hardware with free parts I was given. After graduating from high school, I decided to further my education in computers by attending Job Corps (A trade school) for a year in Astoria, Oregon (USA). I passed my year-long class there and got my CompTIA A+ hardware certification in Technician I and II. I then moved back to my hometown and got a job at the local PC repair shop, but that turned into a 3 month nightmare, and I didn't like it at all. Working under someone else, with their ridiculous rules on "how" you can fix a customer's PC and what restricted tools and methods you can use really put me off. But I didn't let that crush my spirits. T'was nothing but a bump in the road for me. I kept-on and did freelance PC repair work for my friends, family, and extended friends outside my typical reach. Didn't ever pay too well, but it got me good experience, and I loved helping people fix their computers more than anything else. I liked working for myself and being my own boss much more.

But I always ran into the issue of never having the right tools with me, and having to download what I needed on-the-fly at a job site, which never quite sat right with me. I was like "There must be an easier way..." Then in 2012, I discovered a USB tool called YUMI. It let me customize a set of bootable tools onto a USB stick. Worked great at the time. Then I came across another tool that offered even more options called SARDU, and it allowed me to export my USB tools as a bootable DVD ISO image. And thus, MediCat DVD was born. Though I initially only kept it for myself, the fancy menus drew a lot of attention from people both online and offline, and many people suggested to me that I release it. And on the 2nd of February in 2014, I did just that... Right here on the 'Temp. After SARDU v3.x went and paywalled itself, I tried sticking with the outdated BIOS-only toolkit, but after more and more PCs went UEFI-only, I had to find another solution to get UEFI support going... So in early summer of 2020, I discovered a rapidly developing tool called "Ventoy". I made the drastic decision to completely restart MediCat from scratch, and rebrand MediCat DVD as "MediCat USB". And well, the rest is history.

But MediCat USB and fixing computers are just a couple cornerstones to my life. I love going camping, I'm intrigued with the paranormal, I love getting into deep political discussions, I love retro gaming and emulation, I love building arcades, I enjoy doing freelance graphic design, I've gotten familiar with 3D printing in the past year, I love building Raspberry Pi projects, and I really enjoy soft-modding various game consoles. I'm quite adept at soldering, and love tinkering with various solder jobs. As a kid, my parents didn't have a lot of money to buy us 4 kids game consoles, so we each got a Gameboy instead and that also kept the TV free for my parents.

Unfortunately, my brother passed away on the 5th of March in 2020 in a fatal car crash from having a seizure behind the wheel on his way to work. This happened right before the COVID lockdowns began; And as a direct result, we couldn't have any kind of funeral, memorial, or anything to get any proper closure. So to keep my mind off things and keep the depression to a minimum, I took up Gameboy modding. It's been 2 years in, and I still love it. I've built up an incredible Etsy shop, I've been able to sell some 3D printed Gameboy parts, and I have even sold a fair bit of my homebrew on physical cartridges.
"It's not much, but it's honest work."

I am currently employed at a grocery store to make my rent and bills, just facing store shelves to look nice as they get messed up throughout the day. I'm a father to a beautiful Lynx-point Siamese cat named Leonardo DiCatPurrio, I have a lovely girlfriend named Evelyn, and our small little family dwells within the wooded area of South-West Washington state in the United States. I love living here in the Pacific Northwest, and would eventually love to tour the rest of the USA and western Europe. I really hope this gives you some insight as to who I am as a person, beyond just the screen.

  • How did you find yourself joining GBAtemp?
I was looking for some help with my EZ-Flash III dev cartridge. All the Google results kept linking back here to the 'Temp, and everybody here was very helpful in my endeavors. I lurked for a few months before eventually signing up and making my account here. (I admit, I was a bit of an immature jackass back then; But I've grown up.) This place really grew on me, and felt like a second home online. It's my homepage on all my browsers now, even on mobile.

  • What's the most exciting/interesting/crazy thing or event that you've witnessed throughout your GBAtemp years?
Well back in 2017, I remember watching the livestream for the first ever GBATemp Patreon Backer's Raffle. I looked up my entry number (21), and was watching the prizes get drawn. And then my number came up for the grand prize, the Nintendo Switch! I was on a break at work during the livestream, and was shocked that I had actually won something in my lifetime. It was my first time ever winning anything to chance!

And of course, whenever the forums moved to new hardware and to the new XenForo platform, that was also VERY exciting to see happen. I was very happy for you guys, and thankful the transition went fairly smooth for you all.

  • What part of the video game industry are you currently interested in, or excited about?
I began my life as a gamer by visiting a neighbor who had a NES console, and it blew my mind when I played a video game for the first time ever. It was the original Super Mario Bros. I loved the idea that I was in control of a fictional character, and could control their actions on-screen. And even though the video game industry has been a rolling coaster of ever-changing ideas and concepts with online gaming in mind, I still find myself mostly drawn back to single player games with long, deep, and captivating stories. I'm currently excited for the releases of NieR: Automata (for Switch), Breath of the Wild 2, Bayonetta 3, and Pokemon Violet / Scarlet. VR really does excite me, but with how expensive the units are (About the same price as the game console you're supposed to pair it with, ouch) and the lack of GOOD games for VR systems (big oof there), I'm having to sit this VR trend out until things mature further and prices can come down a bit more. I would love to see the VR side shift more into the AR market (Augmented Reality) because I've seen some really cool demos that look incredibly impressive. Microsoft's Minecraft AR demo was that took me by surprise.

  • Do you have a message for the staff, an opinion you want to share with the community, or anything else you would like to say?
I would just like to say how thankful I am to be part of such an incredible ever-expanding community of supportive members and staff. I've been on the forum for 10 years now, and you all feel like extended family. The staff here does a fantastic job keeping this place in great shape. Thank you for this incredible opportunity, and I hope we all have many more fantastic years here together. :yaysp:

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed this new editorial feature. If you think you qualify for Legendary Temper, feel free to leave a comment in this thread and your turn may eventually come.
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Oct 24, 2002
Cool idea.

Maybe a 6th question involving, "what is your biggest desire / dream in the whole wide world?"
There are probably lots of cool questions we could find, but I prefer to keep it short as a rule of thumb.
The thread comments can be used as follow up questions.

@x65943 yeah this is a sort of KYT revival :P

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