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  1. Keretto

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    Feb 7, 2016
    Hi! I just replaced my GameBoy Micro charger wall plug to a usb. I connected it to a pc and it charges but there is no GameBoy Micro files or anything showing up. Now don't worry I know that it would be impossible for the filesystem to show up on a pc I mean it isn't meant to be anyway but is there anything I could do to get ANYTHING out of my GameBoy Micro connected to a pc? Thanks!
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    No... There are no data pins, and no storage to tap into. Sorry mate.
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  3. FAST6191

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    I have never seen the micro variation but there have been two classes of thing to link a GBA to the PC, and as the micro is electrically and protocol compatible with the GBA (it just lacks the GB/GBC capability so it has a slightly different shaped port to prevent the clueless from causing issues) they would work here as well.

    1) Many years ago there was an emulator called VBA-link-real which functioned like a link cable between a PC and a real GBA. As far as I know the specs for the cable are lost and nobody has figured it out again, or made a new one, but
    2) Standard multiboot cables, there are many of these but they all do the same thing and make it so a link cable goes between the PC (or some other non GBA/gamecube/wii device) and allows you to send a small bit of code over the cable and have it boot/run. There are a variety of cables out there covers them and links to a few you could build too.

    If you only want to dump GBA games and saves though then get a DS or DS lite (no dsi or 3ds as they don't have a GBA slot), basically any DS slot flash cart and a copy of rudolph's gba dumping tools.
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  4. Keretto

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    Feb 7, 2016
    Thanks a lot! So I would have to make a link to USB cable then I guess and also an older GameBoy coz as you know I tried on micro but I'm not sure... (I have a GBA and GBC too)
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