GBA ExpLoader v0.3 released

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    Rudolph has released version 0.3 of his new slot 2 GBA loader. A few bugs have been fixed, and support for the eWin GBA expansion pack and the EZ-4 Lite Deluxe has been added.

    [title:Badly translated changelog]V0.3 2008/2/21 R4/M3S, set to disable the reset time to correct defects.
    EEPROM_V111 patch to fix defects.
    NOR failure mode FLASH1M_V103 patch fixes.
    "Delux-EZ4 lite" and "EWIN EXPANSION PAK (2in1)" support
    PSRAM / SAVE SDRAM mode of data, "GBA_ExpLoader" boot file when SAV
    Written specifications to change (from now until then GBA RAM / BIN to boot).
    [title:Badly translated readme]GBA ExpLoader V0.3 ====== ====== (prototype)

    Slot2 type expansion pack, using the GBA Slot-1 card game starts.

    Soft reset is possible in Slot-1 card, "DS cartridges vibration" and "extended memory DS"
    You can use it as.

    Currently, the type of support it Slot2 expansion pack, "Expansion Pack 3 in1" "delux-EZ4 lite"
    "EWIN EXPANSION PAK (2in1)."
    The "mode NOR" and "vibration cartridge DS", "3 in1 expansion pack" only support.

    1. 256Mbit (32MByte) NORfalsh page size is 1Mbits (128KB)
    2. 128Mbit (16MByte) PSRAM page size is 1Mbits (128KB)
    3. 4Mbit (512KByte) SRAM page size is 64Kbits (8KB)

    1. 384Mbit (48MByte) NORfalsh page size is 1Mbits (128KB)
    2. 256Mbit (32MByte) PSRAM page size is 1Mbits (128KB)
    3. 8Mbit (1MByte) SRAM page size is 64Kbits (8KB)

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