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    first of all; I didn't where exactly I should ask this, but since I'm playing with a 3DSXL, I thought this could be the right place. If my problem doesn't belong into this section, I apologise in advance (...)

    Well, here's my problem:

    Some days ago I decided to play "5902 - Professor Layton und der Ruf des Phantoms (GER)" (in english it's called last specter); therefore I decided to use the blue GW card (for the first time) and a 16GB SD (Samsung). I copied all the stuff and started the game; everything was working, but after switching off and restarting the game for the third time, the game tells me "The save is corrupted and will be deleted".
    Ok, since I was only loosing about 2h of gameplay, I decided to continue and restart the game.
    But the next day, the same error occured; but now after 3h (:glare:).
    After this I changed the SD card an took a 4GB Kingston; but even this didn't work. Again, my sava data is corrupted and has to be deleted(...);
    Obviously, it's the blue card causing all this trouble - so what can I do? I guess there's now way to somehow "restore" the courrpted data, but are there any tricks to avoid those saving issues? Maybe some kind of custom firmware?

    Thanks in advance for suggestion!