Gateway Fastboot problem

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    Nov 13, 2011
    I think I need some help. I am folowing this tutorial: to get fastboot on my old 3ds.

    I have just upgraded my 3ds sysnad to 10.3.0-28e wich is the Step 4 of the tutorial. After the upgrade I had to power off the 3ds.

    The next step is:
    "After the Upgrade is complete, return to this menu again using the same steps to continue the installation"

    But when I power my console and open the internet browser, a message appear when I power on wifi "You must update the console in system settings to use the internet browser", so I cant go to go.gateway to keep following the tutorial.

    The message, it is a blocking message, with only one button "Accept" that returns me to main menu

    Did I miss some step? Any solution/Idea?

    Thanks in advance.
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