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    So, I'm in the market for Ys I & II Chronicles but my local Gamestop doesn't have it. It's also currently unavailable on the Gamestop website so I can't order it from there. So, why not get it from Amazon or something? Because it's like $70 new on Amazon and Gamestop's website says $19.99. However, there is a Gamestop about 60 miles away that apparently has it according to the website. My question is, can I ask my local Gamestop to give the other Gamestop a ring and ask them to send their copy of Ys I & II Chronicles to my local Gamestop so I can buy it? Does Gamestop do that sort of thing?
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    I've never known Gamestop to do a store-to-store transfer, myself. You could ask them - worst they'd do is say no. Personally, I've driven that distance (and more) to get an item I'm looking for that I couldn't get at a local store. If you can - make the drive. Just call that store, verify they have it, and ask them to hold it - preferably the day you can make the trip. Get directions via google. Get the game, if the store is in a mall - explore it. Make a fun trip out of it.
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    Y'know who'd be better to ask about this?
    Gamestop. You can search up the store and its number and give 'em a call.
    You'd have to phone them anyway.
  4. jefffisher

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    make sure you call and ask them to hold it for you before driving the sixty miles.
    ofcoarse with gas prices, you might be better off buying off ebay.
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