Gameshark Pro N64 not loading at all

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    So years ago, I bought a GameShark Pro for Nintendo 64 which didn't work at all, no game I put in worked. I assume a keycoded game is required, So I put in my only keycode game which is Yoshi's Story and... nothing. I looked it up and 'to reset the keycode SM64 or 007 is required.' So I put in Super Mario 64 and... nothing. I don't have 007. Then when looking it up, I came across an article of someone trying to dump a Nintendo 64 Dev Cart from a GSPro and he accidentally flashed the ROM of it to a Perfect Dark trainer. Sadly, I still don't have this game. All the tutorials I have found to flash the ROM sadly doesn't cover IF the GameShark cannot boot to the menu at all. I heard taking out the EEPROM or something and reprogramming it will fix it but I don't have a way to take it out and reprogram it. Currently, it's in the hands of my friend to see if he has some games that will boot the GS. However, the GSPro is giving him red screens and 'broke mario 64.'
    Once I get it back, I'll try any suggestions.

    but then again.
    rip gameshark 2011-not even a god damn year
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    Take a look at this thread: it's a little more technical than most people would go into but there is a lot of good info and documentation.