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Aug 8, 2015
Somewhere in sweden
Backstory: I was in my lab, finding out how to brew the dankest, most cancerous memes. And this cancerous board game came out of my Dank Meme Brewing Chamber(DMBC, is what my dank lab assistant team calls this room).

I call this game: "Gateway: Game of Brixxx"
It's kinda like monopoly, just about Gateway, and stuff like that.
*dont play this. This is cancer and you'll just get a brain tumor, the tutorials are for those who wants to die painfully*

game of brixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.jpg

You select a character before starting the game:
A9LH Master Race User or Filthy Menuhax peasant or Delusional Gateway shit.
You only read the text for on the board if it either says: "All are affected" or has your character roll on it!

You'll have to make your own "randem cardz".
Or perhaps i'll just create them later myself.

NOTE: Again, I am not in any way responsible for any kinds of brain damage you may get from playing this.

Good luck, have fun.
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