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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Naydog101, Nov 19, 2010.

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    I've been reading up and watching vids on Capturing video from game consoles, I had a different question though. My PC monitor has an HDMI Input on it. I have a PS3 with HDMI Output. Is there a program that will or can switch or view the other components attached to my monitor? Pretty much if I wanna hook up my PS3 to the HDMI Input on my PC monitor and be able to view that Input while still using my PC. Like a Picture in picture type of thing. Have my main PC stuff going on with a window showing whats hooked up to the HDMI on the monitor.
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    If so, it'd be purely a function of your monitor (picture in picture), your computer CANNOT access it in ANY way, and I've never heard of a computer monitor with this.

    Buy a capture card.
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    I haven't heard of mainstream desktop monitors having picture in picture yet.
    But a lot of LCD's have multiple inputs (DVI, HDMI, VGA) that can be cycled through in the menu of the monitor. That's all you'd be able to get for free.

    As Rydian described.. if you want to view your PS3 video signal on the same screen as your PC desktop simultaneously, you will need a capture card.

    I don't know how much HDMI capture cards are, but I have an old S-Video TV Tuner card and it was like $40 incl S&H, Tax, etc. and it came with an FM antenna and remote control. I pretty much only used it to play Playstation games in a window because it turned out I couldn't use cable internet with a splitter there, making my intentions of using my PC as a DVR useless.
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    You can get picture-in-picture between a PC and a console, however the distinction that must be noted is that the only screens capable of this are primarily used as TVs, not monitors. From what I've seen so far, all such TVs really suck when used as a computer monitor (as in, the text is blurred and horrible to read without getting closer than is healthy for your eyes).

    Failing that, and if you don't want a capture card, I'd recommend my setup - 2 monitors. One main monitor that can play all your HD consoles in full glory, and a secondary monitor connected to your computer so you can still use it (for example, to read walkthroughs or chat on your favourite IM or social websites) whilst playing a game. In my case, I have my laptop, computer, Wii, Xbox 360, Dreamcast and Xbox1 all connected to the various ports in the back, at the same time, with the second monitor connected to the second DVI port in my computer. Unfortunately I don't have an aerial in my room, so I don't have TV (yet - I plan on getting a transciever connected to my TV downstairs someday).