Free Radical Now Owned By Crytek

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by DrYHeLL, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Well, the gist of it is that the writer for the abomination so called "Haze" has told 1up that they are now owned by Crytek. Mixed reactions pour in as people hope/pray for Battlefront 3 and Time Splitters 4.( Myself in the Battlefront section [​IMG] )

    While Haze was, so I heard, horrible in so many ways, BFIII looked nothing short of phenomenal and quite finished with the most recently leaked footage.
    (taken back in November)

    Fingers crossed we don't get horribly optimized games but rather beauties that fly
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    Just because the made Haze doesn't mean their a bad developer. As for Battlefront 3, well sad news. Free Radical won't be working on it. Lucas Arts would have to license the Star Wars franchise to Crytek which is doubtful. Not to mention rumors have been swirling that the project was thrown to either Renegade (i think thats the developer who did BF on the PSP) or some other developer. An anonmous Free Radical employee told IGN that BF 3 was given to another developer and that the major tech was scraped.
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    They handed off Battlefront 3 to Rebellion, who did infact do the PSP game, and allegedly the only thing Free Radical kept was the Ground-To-Space Orbit Transition. In the Rebellion game that transitions going to be a cutscene.
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    So they had one bad game. Everyone seems to forget the rest of their games which were all amazing. TimeSplitters, TimeSplitters 2, Second Sight, and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

    Haze was a bad game (the only one I haven't played of theirs but everyone says it's bad). But their next games of TimeSplitters 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront 3 looked awesome.
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    I love Timesplitters: Future Perfect. Played arcade mode all the time at parties. Also love battlefront 2 (which I still happily play [​IMG])
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    Timesplitters: Future Perfect was one of my favorite GC games. I hope they'll finish Timesplitters 4 for the Wii. I desperately want to play it...
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    Am I the only one who prefers TimeSplitters 2 to Future Perfect?

    Regardless, Crytek will be in a load of shit if TimeSplitters 4 doesn't see the light of day, and I'm sure they know it.
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    Hm, Crytek means we could see an improved chance of seeing TS4 on PC. Please, please let it be and my life will be complete aha.
    But yeah, Crytek get major kudos for picking this up [​IMG].

    No, I completely agree with you. Future Perfect probably had a more polished story mode and better co-op experience, but TS2 had far better maps and just felt better overall in the multiplayer department. It could be the fact we played it first though, so who knows.
  9. DrYHeLL

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    I heard it(Battlefront 3) was being handed back to Pandemic. Their website lists a project x that appeared not too long ago. Rebellion cant do [​IMG] . they can only do ports and thats about it....

    although with pandemic's newest game (Basically lotr + battlefront) I hope to god they do something right in this one.

    also! if the new company figures out a way to make ground to space on their own... will we be able to have it then? because, chances are it isn't the same as Free Radical's?

    I really wanted that feature ever since it was fabled for Battlefront 2...