Found Freaky forms Deluxe at my local game shop..... but

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  1. megatallica

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    Sep 17, 2007
    Hey guys,
    I havent had much time in the last few months, so I havent touched my second 3ds (the one I use for dumping my games and homebrew), but afew weeks ago 3ds' was on sale for a ridiculously low price, so I bought a 3rd one for A9lh and ive been using Plailect guide over the last few days to set it up. Im up to step 4, downgrading, and wanted to look into what happens when it fails. It turns out that your only choice in a failed downgrade is to system restore the device to v11 (correct me if im wrong), then the freaky forms hax was announced, so I decided to see if I can find one locally since they have disappeared online.

    I found one..... however its sealed... and I dont like the idea of breaking a seal for a game that is sought after (less for the monitary gain, and more because it means 1 less sealed copy is in circulation). So my question is should I open it, or just wait and see if the downgrade fails??

    Also while im asking questions, if an sd on an a9lh device fails, what then? The device doesnt operate without the sd... correct? Is there a way to restore the system in the event of an sd failure, is there a way to remove redirected nand?

    PS, My new 3ds failed during a downgrade to 9.2 (the last title was skipped), would you say that would increase the odds of another failed downgrade?
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    If it's on OFW 11.0.0-33 you still need a hardmod to downgrade at the time of the writing of this post.
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    Yes, I checked gamestop and tons of my gamestop's had Freaky Form Deluxe, but when I found out that you cannot downgrade on 11.0 yet. I didn't even want to waste the time to buy it since I already have my CFW all set up.

    If your downgrading fails it will only fail to start, meaning nothing will have been applied, to quench your fear of downgrading. Very unlikely that it will fail during unless you use the wrong update files. Once it starts downgrading you should be set.
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    There wouldn't be much point keeping it sealed, as the people that want it enough to pay a high price for it want to use it not have it on a shelf.
  5. TheCyberQuake

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    Firstly, any new sealed game would be opened, so I really don't see your standpoint of having one less sealed copy if you aren't worried about selling it.
    Also, freakyhax is only a userland exploit, and so far there are no exploits for 11.0 that allow you kernel access from userland. I believe the last firmware to have that was 10.7. So no matter what you would have to hardmod to downgrade from 11.0 for now.
    As for having your SD fail if you use A9LH, the great thing is that it's files aren't linked to your device or SD card. So all you would need is the arm9loaderhax.bin from your CFW (Luma3DS is the most popular right now) along with the other files for the custom firmware (/luma/ for Luma3DS). You can download those from the Luma3DS github and plop them on a new SD card and blam your 3ds now boots again. Though I recommend just making a backup of those files onto your computer and cloud storage just in case. (TL;DR the SD card only needs a small CFW launcher file, everything else is on the system, just needs the file to tell the system where and how to boot it.)

    If you are running a CFW you should be able to downgrade no problem as you have the required kernel access (I downgraded 11.0 to 9.2 in CFW). Unless you are talking about two separate devices.
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