Fire Emblem Warriors

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    Apr 15, 2017
    'Fire Emblem Warriors' was released about three weeks ago, however it is still unavailable on that Title Keys site, making it impossible to be installed through CIAngel or FreeShop. Its update and DLC are available, though.

    Is it because its popularity? Is the game not popular enough for other users to share theirs keys? The availability of its update and DLC seems to contradict this, but maybe everyone focus on more popular games (like the new Pokemon.)
    As a casual player, I do not remember how 'late' I installed recently published games, like 'Samus Returns' or 'Fire Emblem Echoes', but I most likely got them a couple of weeks after their releases.

    I bought my first 3DS console earlier this year and I am still learning about the 'timing' between the release of a game and its availability to 'pirates.'

    I know where to find the game on the Internet, I however wonder why the keys to this game are not yet available.