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OK, I'm sorry I screwed my previous idea of a crossover between FE6 and 8. But I made something I believe is better. Behold, Fire Emblem Legends!

You may remember Mega Man Legends 3 being cancelled. CURSE YOU CAPCOM! I'm taking a similar idea, but with Fire Emblem. You will decide some of the basic plot, characters, settings, and more based on the poll results! Soon, I'll be hiring artists depending on the choices. But surely, I hope to make this a really good game with your decisions, GBATemp!

For every poll, you have about a week to vote.

Previous choices:
Time: TBA

And you can still add your suggestions for the poll answers below! As long as it meets the deadline: Current Poll Choices Suggestion Deadline: 4/13 Current Poll Deadline: 4/18

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