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Aug 6, 2013
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::Code title and :::comment under spoilers start with 2 and 3 colons because that's the format used by r4cce, a program for editing usrcheat.dat and other cheat databases. If you copy the code and the lines with colons above it to the clipboard, you'll be able to paste it in r4cce as a whole cheat code (instead of copy-pasting lines one by one and code into 3 different fields in the program).

The recent re-release of FE1 made me look at its previous re-release. I found that it's a game which is too good to drop, but the developers made too many decisions which I simply cannot accept. Some people felt this way too, and it resulted in so-called "Full Content Patch" which is only available for the US version of the game.
Shadow Dragon Action Replay codes below do mostly the same thing as FCP except for FE12 visuals and the Sync patch - but for the European version of the game, because that's what I have and what needs them. Some of them I made from scratch, some of them I ported from other versions of the game, some I used as a base to improve on. I don't know who made what, but I used their work and claiming it as my own would be wrong, so I won't tell what exactly is mine, what's mostly mine and what's barely mine. They're all yours, enjoy.

::Make selected unit's 1st item droppable
:::[Press SELECT+B]
94000130 FFF90000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
C0000000 0000001B
D9000000 00000000
D6000000 00000000
D1000000 00000000
DA000000 00000000
D7000000 00000000
DA000000 00000000
70000000 00FF2000
D4000000 00002000
D0000000 00000000
D7000000 00000000
D2000000 00000000

When you don't want to use "Weapon Drop After Each Kill" code
::Can transfer character-bound items
:::This can be hardcoded in .nds at offsets 0x63714, 0x110538, 0x1ACD8C to be always active
0205F714 E3A01000
021C5C78 E3A01000
5220E12C E2011301
0220E12C E3A01000
D2000000 00000000

Such as Door Key in Prologue IV, Fire Emblem after Chapter 6 etc.
::Clone item in Trade and from Convoy
:::[Hold L during transfer to the unit]
0204166C EBFFF3D5
021C5FE4 EBF9E177
0220E484 EBF8C04F
94000130 FDFF0000
0204166C E1A00000
021C5FE4 E1A00000
0220E484 E1A00000
D2000000 00000000

Be careful, this overwrites item in target slot (if any).
::Spawn Vulnerary in item slot 5
:::[Press SELECT]
94000130 FFFB0000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
00000080 0003004C
D2000000 00000000

This example puts Vulnerary in item slot 5; 004C is item code, 0003 is its number of uses (0063 for 99 durability/uses)
01 - Iron Sword
02 - Steel Sword
03 - Silver Sword
04 - Killing Edge
05 - Levin Sword
06 - Devil Sword
07 - Wyrmslayer
08 - Armorslayer
09 - Mercurius
0A - Rapier
0B - Wo Dao
0C - Brave Sword
0D - Falchion
0E - Falchion
0F - Falchion
10 - Iron Lance
11 - Steel Lance
12 - Silver Lance
13 - Javelin
14 - Killer Lance
15 - Ridersbane
16 - Wing Spear
17 - Dragonpike
18 - Brave Lance
19 - Gradivus
1A - Iron Axe
1B - Steel Axe
1C - Silver Axe
1D - Hand Axe
1E - Killer Axe
1F - Hammer
20 - Poleax
21 - Devil Axe
22 - Brave Axe
23 - Hauteclere
24 - Iron Bow
25 - Steel Bow
26 - Silver Bow
27 - Killer Bow
28 - Longbow
29 - Brave Bow
2A - Parthia
2B - Arrowspate
2C - Stonehoist
2D - Hoistflamme
2E - Thunderbolt
2F - Pachyderm
30 - Firestone
31 - Earthstone
32 - Magestone
33 - Divinestone
34 - Fire
35 - Thunder
36 - Blizzard
37 - Elfire
38 - Imhullu
39 - Bolganone
3A - Thoron
3B - Swarm
3C - Aura
3D - Excalibur
3E - Imhullu
3F - Starlight
40 - Heal
41 - Mend
42 - Recover
43 - Physic
44 - Fortify
45 - Warp
46 - Barrier
47 - Hammerne
48 - Aum
49 - Door Key
4A - Bridge Key
4B - Master Key
4C - Vulnerary
4D - Pure Water
4E - Energy Drop
4F - Spirit Dust
50 - Secret Book
51 - Speedwing
52 - Goddess Icon
53 - Dracoshield
54 - Talisman
55 - Seraph Robe
56 - Boots
57 - Arms Scroll
58 - Silver Card
59 - VIP Card
5A - Master Seal
5B - Elysian Whip
5C - Torch
5D - Iote's Shield
5E - Lightsphere
5F - Starsphere
60 - Geosphere
61 - Fire Emblem
62 - Door Key
63 - Bullion (S)
64 - Bullion (M)
65 - Bullion (L)
66 - Bullion (XL)

One of Falchions has better stats than the other two, another one can be used by all swords users, not just Marth.
One Door Key is normal, another one is character-bound (can't be trasferred or dropped)
::Armory in Preparations offers Online Shop catalog
:::All 34 items from Online Shop plus Killer Bow
52205ABC E92D4010
E2205AC8 00000070
E28F7038 E28F9038
E5977000 E3A08000
E7D9A008 E797020A
EBF8C9A9 E3A01000
EBF943A1 E2888001
E3580023 BAFFFFF7
E1A01004 E3A00000
02257B1C 02030405
07080B0C 11121314
1517181B 1C1D1E1F
20222526 27282935
36414B4C 664D5A5B
D2000000 00000000

This includes Killer Bow which wasn't sold online, but since all other Killer weapons were, I added it to complete the set. This is a replacement of shop inventory, so no date requirements or item amount per save limit which existed in Online Shop proper.
23 in the cheat is the number of items offered (hexadecimal; max shop capacity is 40 decimal);
0203...4D66 is the list of item codes, first 0x23 of which (in this example) will be offered
::Save anytime
021C0BCC E3A00000
021C0BD0 E8BD8008
021D6874 EBFFF9DE

This is a simple port of "Able to save anywhere" (Japan) cheat code
::Convoy anywhere
021C0DEC E3A00000
021C0DF0 E12FFF1E

All units can use "Convoy" regardless of Marth's position. Also works during the Prologue IIRC.
::Arena everywhere
021C1084 E3A00000
021C1088 E12FFF1E

All units can use "Arena" anytime regardless of their position and location (or even presence) of the arena
::Exit option for the win
:::[Hold SELECT, choose "Exit" in field menu to complete the chapter]
221A4F58 03A00000
94000130 FFFB0000
221A4F58 03A00001
D2000000 00000000

Press and hold down SELECT, press A on an unoccupied square to bring up the field menu, choose and confirm "Exit" to complete the current chapter, then release SELECT.
This replaces single player menu with the menu used in Practice mode.
:::[Hold START, but DO NOT SAVE!]
020153C4 E1A00000

This is needed to return to the main menu (via Surrender) without doing soft reset (L+R+SELECT+START) - more on that later.
As a bonus, Convoy and Arena work too, also shops will buy your items and Extras are unlocked in the main menu, but everything else either does nothing or hangs the game. Except for Save.
Using Save here WILL CREATE CORRUPTED SAVE DATA, unless "Save anytime" cheat is also active - only then it is safe to use.
::Go to page 1/4 of Units list to heal them
02065890 E5C4306C

This is just a cleaned up "Highlight Unit in Unit Menu to Refill Health" code
::Unlimited Suspended Save with confirmations
:::Also changes lines in New Game, Load and Suspend prompts
02022FD0 E12FFF1E
0225C700 023D2425
223D227F 00000000

This is a sligtly modified "Unlimited Suspended Save" code, which also removes warnings that Suspended Save will be deleted (because it won't), but it's only for English language. Yes, they annoyed me this much.
::Can reposition Marth in Preparations
:::Can hardcode in .nds @ 0x48D10 : 01 1B 81 E3 -> 01 1B C1 E3
02044D10 E3C11B01
123D2F56 0000002E

This is mostly for the cases when Map Swap cheat used in Preparations places Marth in impassable terrain but the cursor can still reach him.
::SkipSaveMenu function disabled
:::Can make Chapter Save for Prologue I with this
02042CC8 E3C11080

Why would you want a save which does the same as new game? Because loading it with Map Swap cheat will let you customize who, when and in which order joins your one-man (at that time) army
::Uncapped Reclassing
:::Can hardcode in .nds @ 0x1AFB50 : 0C 00 D0 E5 -> 0D 00 A0 E1
52210EF0 E5D0000C
02210EF0 E1A0000D
D2000000 00000000

Yes, now you can deploy 15 cavaliers on the same map.
::Allow 11 of every class in reclassing
B219766C 00000000
B0000000 00000000
C0000000 00000002
D9000000 00000000
D6000000 00000000
D1000000 00000000
D5000000 0B0B0B0B
D6000000 00000000
D6000000 00000000
D6000000 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Largely the same as Uncapped Reclassing except limit is not broken but instead set to 11 for every class, visibly. 12+ values (instead of 0x0B=11) also work but do break counters in Reclass menu
::Make people stay after the cutscenes
:::This works up to Chapter 15
02044BE8 E3A00000
02044BEC E3500000
02044DD0 E3A0401F

Whenever the game needs a unit as an actor for the cutscene, it will temporarily make them join the corresponding party (your or enemy's), say whatever lines they have to say and leave the party. The cheat prevents them from leaving, but only during the first half of the game; they come and go freely because they don't join anyone's side in the second half of the game, but whoever you had captured by Ch.15 stays in the party permanently.
This means that you can have Malledus and Nina, unnamed Pegasus Knight and Cavalier actors (who play Shiida and Hardin in the cutscenes) in your party, and keep very important persons at your side all the time.
By the way, I don't know what will happen many chapters later if you choose to sacrifice Jiol during the Prologue (using Control Enemy cheat). Have fun finding that out.
Also, you probably shouldn't force Gharnef to stay when he wants to leave.
::Reclass unit to another unit's class
:::[Press SELECT+L on a unit to copy class, SELECT+R to paste on another]
94000130 FDFB0000
52197C70 00000000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
D9000000 00000044
D3000000 02197C70
D6000000 00000000
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FEFB0000
D3000000 02197C64
62197C70 00000000
D9000000 0000000C
B0000000 00000000
D6000000 00000044
D3000000 02197C70
00000000 00000000
D2000000 00000000

You can only paste the class once. Copy it again before pasting the same class on one more unit, if need be.
Use "Show ALL menus" cheat for the cases when the class you want is not on anyone currently on the map, but someone in another save does have it (or can be legitimately reclassed to it) - load that save, copy class, Surrender, load the save you want, paste class. Soft reset via L+R+START+SELECT wipes the "clipboard", and you don't want that.
Also, copied Falcoknight class is not permanent and will be replaced with Dracoknight if you reclass her legitimately later. This probably works the other way too, but I didn't test that.
You might want to reclass Decoy into Chameleon (he can't use his Rapier as a Lord anyway) and/or have an Earth Dragon from Endgame in your party, as Malledus is rather useful as a reptilian.
Fun fact: Lena on Debug Map is a Curate, not Cleric. I couldn't stand such trap heresy, shed a manly tear for the poor Julian and this cheat happened, to bring back justice and tits.
::Release/pin down selected unit
:::[Press SELECT+X to release, SELECT+Y to immobilize selected unit]
94000130 FFFB0000
94000136 FFFE0000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000009B 00000000
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
94000136 FFFD0000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000009B 00000008
D2000000 00000000

If you recruit Gazzak on Debug Map and do not use him in Chapter 1, he will remain paralyzed for life. This fixes him, and can be used to unleash the bosses for fun. Or make anyone freeze on the spot if they decide to hit you with a game-breaking bug, like joining your party when you already have another copy of them there.
::NoName and no face
:::[Press SELECT+X to remove name and portrait]
94000130 FFFB0000
94000136 FFFE0000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
B0000040 00000000
D6000000 00000000
D6000000 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Unnamed Pegasus Knight and Cavalier (and some other actors) will be called "Freelancer"+glitch if you force them to stay after the cutscene. This renames them to NoName and gives them their class's pic as a portrait, much like generic replacement units have. However, this isn't stored in save data and you'll have to reapply the cheat on them every time you load the game with them in the party.
::Teleport selected unit under cursor
:::[SELECT+START] Suspend/save and reload to apply new position
94000130 FFF30000
B21E3E28 00000000
B0000010 00000000
DA000000 00000008
D3000000 02197C64
B0000000 00000000
60000000 00000000
D7000000 0000006E
D2000000 00000000

Other than the obvious purpose of placing anyone anywhere, this is most useful when Marth ends up off-screen after using Map Swap cheat.
::Change Experience Level (START+button)
:::START+^><v=Lv1-4, START+XABY=Lv5-8, START+LR=Lv9-10
94000130 FFB70000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000006A 00000001
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFE70000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000006A 00000002
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FF770000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000006A 00000003
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFD70000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000006A 00000004
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFF70000
94000136 FFFE0000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000006A 00000005
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFF60000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000006A 00000006
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFF50000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000006A 00000007
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFF70000
94000136 FFFD0000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000006A 00000008
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FDF70000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000006A 00000009
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FEF70000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000006A 0000000A
D2000000 00000000

From what I can tell, almost all your units who join at Lv2+ have the same base stats as generic Lv3 unit of their class would have, but many of them join with higher level, which sends them to the bench either immediately or soon after. This cheat can set their level to whatever looks fair to you (not to the devs) and keep them in the game.
::To DISMISS ALL UNITS beyond current
:::[START+X+B] Apply, save and reload to make this permanent
94000130 FFF50000
94000136 FFFE0000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
0000003C 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Best used in Preparations, second best in *unsorted* Units list. All units after the currently selected one (i.e.closer to end of the list) will be gone but not dead. You should be able to re-recruit them if you go back and replay already completed chapter, but you will not be able to resurrect them, and the effect on their ending is unclear.
::New Game on Debug Map
:::Always Normal difficulty unless cheated harder
02021428 E59F0010
0202142C E5900000
02021430 E53F1014
0202143C E12FFF1E
02021440 02255D20

Debug Map is usually accessed by map swapping during the load of existing save data. Depending on which save you load, if your party is large enough, it can push the end of the default debug party off the map. Start new game with this cheat enabled to get there instantly and receive the default party as it was intended for the debugging purposes, Triangle Attack included. It's the fastest way to get access to many classes for class copy-pasting purposes, most importantly Chameleon. You might want the Brave weapons in the Armory and recruit Gazzak while you're at it, he has especially good stats on Merciless difficulty
::Free Buying
:::This does not reduce gold + can buy at 0 gold
02052500 E3A05000
020525E4 E3A05000

There is a similar cheat, but it doesn't let you buy things you can't afford; now you can.
::Free Forging
:::This does not reduce gold + can forge at 0 gold
020537A8 E3A08000
02053D18 E1A01001

Same as above.
::RNG x2/2 replaced by single RNG
021C9B74 E8BD8010

If you don't like it when the game lies to you about the probability. FE's lies uncovered:
The Random Number Generator, or RNG, is a mechanic that, obviously, randomly generates numbers. This mechanic is almost key to the Fire Emblem formula, producing two numbers when one engages in battle: hit and critical. The hit percentage is out of one hundred. For example, if the hit number was 75, and the RNG produced 74, then it is a hit. If it produces 76 or higher, then it is a miss. The same process is used for determining criticals, but a solid hit is usually required in order for one to be possible. RNG is also used to determine what stats a unit gains when leveling up or describe forms of "infinite items" tricks in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

Note that in all games starting from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, the Random Number Generator generates two numbers instead of one for hit chance, and the average of the numbers is the true hit value; in other words, a displayed hit (hit shown on screen) of 75 will actually hit on any two numbers whose average is less than or equal to 75. The effect on overall accuracy of attacks makes a sigmoid effect: it becomes exceedingly rare for an accurate attack (90+ hit) to miss, while inaccurate attacks (Hit lesser than 50) will land far less often than its hit rate would suggest. This is beneficial to the player, as their units usually have higher hit rates while the enemy units tend to have lower hit rates. However, for Fire Emblem releases that are released before Fire Emblem: Binding Blade, like Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 and translated into English by fans of the series, the RNG has not been changed and as a result, enemy units may seem more likely to hit the player's units.
::RNG gives min/max (hold L/R)
:::[Hold L or R to roll either end of RandomMinMax function]
02020310 E0850000
94000130 FDFF0000
02020310 E1A00005
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FEFF0000
02020310 E1A00004
D2000000 00000000

aka RNG abuse squared.
RandomMinMax function receives an interval of desired values, force it to return either end by holding a button. Note that battles take place the moment when combatants touch each other on the bottom screen; what you see happening on the top screen afterwards is a replay of an already finished battle, often with someone already dead before the animations even start playing. In short, start holding the button before the battle.
Naturally, this also affects level-ups.
::+1/+2 only to improvable stats on level up
:::RNG abuse, can be hardcoded in .nds @ 0x41D14 over 05 00 50 E1 09 00 00 AA
0203DD14 E3550000
0203DD18 DA000009

aka RNG abuse.
Basically, if the sum of unit's personal stat growths and his/her current class's growths is positive, he/she gets +1 or +2 in that stat on level-up. There's a cheat which increases ALL stats ALWAYS and I don't like that, so here it goes.
::Heal Anyone
:::Ally and enemy in all directions, not only on player's units
22038F7A 00000051

Enemy healers under "Control Enemy" cheat couldn't heal their allies (they could only heal your units), now they can. And you can heal enemies too.
::Imitate Anyone
:::Chameleons can now Imitate both factions, not only allies
221B66F4 00000002
221C0AC8 00000002

There's just one Chameleon though, but if you want another one, copy-paste this class on Decoy after forcing him to stay after the cutscene for some extra fun with this code.
::Your units survive fatal blows with 1 HP
521C9ED8 E1500007
021C9ED8 EBFC1C00
E20D0EE0 00000024
E1500007 CA000005
E59B704C E5D77008
E3570000 E1A07000
02407001 E1500007
E12FFF1E E1A00000
D2000000 00000000

All attacks on your units will deal less damage than their remaining HP
521C9778 E1A00006
021C977C E1A01085
521C9778 E1A00006
021C977C E1A01105
521C9778 E1A00006
021C977C E1A01185
521C9778 E1A00006
021C977C E1A01205
521C9778 E1A00006
021C977C E1A01285
521C9778 E1A00006
021C977C E1A01305
521C9778 E1A00006
021C977C E1A010A5
521C9778 E1A00006
021C977C E1A01125
521C9778 E1A00006
021C977C E1A011A5
521C9778 E1A00006
021C977C E1A01225
521C9778 E1A00006
021C977C E3A01000
:::Can be hardcoded in .nds @ 0x1143F0 : 00 00 84 E0 -> 84 00 80 E0
521C9B30 E0840000
021C9B30 E0800084
521C9B30 E0840000
021C9B30 E0800104
521C9B30 E0840000
021C9B30 E0800184
521C9B30 E0840000
021C9B30 E0800204
521C9B30 E0840000
021C9B30 E0800284
521C9B30 E0840000
021C9B30 E0800304
::NM Normal
0225C700 023D26B3
B2197680 00000000
20000199 00000000
D2000000 00000000
::H1 Hard
0225C700 023D26BA
B2197680 00000000
20000199 00000001
D2000000 00000000
::H2 Brutal
0225C700 023D26BF
B2197680 00000000
20000199 00000002
D2000000 00000000
::H3 Savage
0225C700 023D26C6
B2197680 00000000
20000199 00000003
D2000000 00000000
::H4 Fiendish
0225C700 023D26CD
B2197680 00000000
20000199 00000004
D2000000 00000000
::H5 Merciless
0225C700 023D26D6
B2197680 00000000
20000199 00000005
D2000000 00000000
If the map is already populated ( are loading a Savepoint or Suspended Save), enemy stats and equipment will remain as is; if you're loading Chapter Save, the change will be effective immediately.
All these assume English is the game's language; remove the first line in every cheat if you're playing in other language. It's only there to remind the player that the difficulty is being overriden by the cheat and does nothing else.
::Shapeshift next unit
:::[Press Y+L with wanted unit ID set under E12FFF1E]
0204C7D8 E59A0040
E20E3BC4 00000030
E59FC020 E59CC000
E28CC07C E59F0018
E3A02050 E0000092
E080000C E58A0040
E59A0040 E12FFF1E
021979B4 00000021
94000130 FDFF0000
94000136 FFFD0000
0204C7D8 EB025CF9
D2000000 00000000

Under E12FFF1E is 21=Linde. Scroll through your units with L until the one before the target unit is selected, hold Y, press and quickly release L to change that unit into whoever you want. Avoid unit duplication or else expect problems to arise sooner or later (or much later) and risk locking yourself from progressing. Don't come back complaining that you lost 10 chapters worth of progress because of this cheat, you've been warned.
00 Marth
01 Shiida
02 Jagen
03 Cain
04 Abel
05 Draug
06 Gordin
07 Wrys
08 Ogma
09 Barst
0A Bord
0B Cord
0C Castor
0D Darros
0E Julian
0F Lena
10 Nabarl
11 Merric
12 Matthis
13 Hardin
14 Wolf
15 Sedgar
16 Roshea
17 Vyland
18 Wendell
19 Rickard
1A Bantu
1B Caesar
1C Radd
1D Roger
1E Jeorge
1F Maria
20 Minerva
21 Linde
22 Jake
23 Midia
24 Dolph
25 Macellan
26 Tomas
27 Boah
28 Beck
29 Astram
2A Palla
2B Catria
2C Arran
2D Samson
2E Xane
2F Est
30 Tiki
31 Lorenz
32 Elice
33 Gotoh
34 Frey
35 Norne
36 Athena
37 Horace
38 Etzel
39 Ymir
3A Nagi etc.
::Fake 4 units (force Norne to join)
:::[Hold X during check] Activate during Seize in Prologue IV
02041210 E2800001
94000136 FFFE0000
02041210 E3A00004
D2000000 00000000

Whenever the game counts your army size, it will see the number at the end of E3A00.. instruction (4). This can be used (not) to get reinforcements and to access x-chapters, but the checks happen at different times (Norne's is immediately after Seize, but Athena's is after long cutscene that follows Seize in Chapter 6 and so on) so use Next Chapter Swap code if you want to play Gaiden chapters (you do) instead of this. Gaidens require 14 units at most (fake with ..0E), max reinforcements come at 1, 0 hangs the game
::Next Chapter is 6x
02043A1C E3A0001A
::Next is Chapter 12x
02043A1C E3A0001B
::Next is Chapter 17x
02043A1C E3A0001C
::Next Chapter is 20x
02043A1C E3A0001D
::Next Chapter is 24x
02043A1C E3A0001E
Other chapter numbers are in Map Swap cheat.

Note that Campaign Summary records all chapters you've completed and the memory/space in save file for that list can be (very) limited. Exceeding that size can overwrite critical game structures and crash the game or corrupt your save.
I know for a fact that exceeding maximum number of units in the army crashes the game and the same thing is theoretically possible with the list of completed chapters. In short, there are 34 maps that can be legitimately completed in one playthrough, and any map played after 34 can become your last. Or maybe the devs allocated enough space for New Game+, who knows?
::Fast Forward through Prologue
:::End Prologue IV with Fake party size=4 cheat
1204587C E3800B02

You WILL die in Prologue on H2 and higher difficulties, so here's an option not to an hero, because why not
::Load to Debug Map
020215D8 E3A00000

Change the value at the end of E3A00.. instruction.
1-9 = Chapter 1-9; A-F = Ch.10-15; 10-18 = Ch.16-24; 19 = Endgame; 1A-1E = 6x,12x,17x,20x,24x; 1F-22 = Prologue I-IV; 23-24 = Prologue I-II again; 25 = Campaign Summary; 26+ = Arena I-VI
When you load a saved/suspended game, this cheat will replace the map below the units with the terrain of the selected chapter. Different things will happen if it's a Chapter Save or save created in Preparations mode, but generally this changes the order of who and when joins your party. If you start with a save created before Prologue I (there's a cheat for that) and carefully select chapters for map swap, you can build a party you want from the whole roster of recruitable characters by the early chapters of the game.
This can give you a playthrough you always wanted but were not allowed to have. Experiment and have fun!

Other, basic cheats for Shadow Dragon can be found in cheat databases such as this one:
Get usrcheat.dat from there, open it in r4cce and paste the cheats you want from this thread in there, then use the .dat file with a flashcart or an emulator of your choice.


Jan 6, 2018
United States
I can't seem to get the below code to work on a new file.

:::[Press SELECT]
94000130 FFFB0000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
00000080 0003004C
D2000000 00000000

No matter how many times I press select, I check my convoy and its still empty.

Also what does the below code do?

::Release/pin down selected unit
:::[Press SELECT+X to release, SELECT+Y to immobilize selected unit]
94000130 FFFB0000
94000136 FFFE0000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000009B 00000000
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
94000136 FFFD0000
62197C64 00000000
B2197C64 00000000
2000009B 00000008
D2000000 00000000

I tried it on a recruited Gomer (I turned him into Darros, then recruited him with Marth) and he still doesn't gain any move?

EDIT: I Just realized you said EUROPE codes, nevermind then.
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New Member
May 8, 2022
United States
Do you think it would be possible to create a cheat to obtain both Samson and Arran in Chapter 16? I don't think the US complete patch has that.

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