Fire Emblem Awakening Reinforcements

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    I try to play most games on a mode harder than normal in order to have a greater challenge. However in the Fire Emblem games the issue of enemy reinforcements pops up. Right now I'm playing Awakening, on hard mode, and reinforcements spawn at the beginning of the enemy turn (which can lead to cheap deaths).

    I'm curious if reinforcements spawn at the beginning of enemy turns, in Awakening, in normal mode too. Also do reinforcements spawn as frequently in normal mode? Personally the only reason I want to play in hard mode is for enemies which have higher levels. Does this even occur on hard mode?

    I'd like to see a new Fire Emblem class called "Scout". A Scout would have the trait of being able to tell the user when reinforcements will appear, and what locations, prior to the moment occurring.
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    I played FE:A in hard mode as my first FE game because someone recommended me to do that, and now it's like a tradition for me to play every FE games in hard mode because I started off with it.
    I've had many frustrations in hard mode because the reinforcements are cheap as ****. No, not all chapters have reinforcements, and if they do, they usually spawns when most of the enemy's units are dead, or the map seems to be in the player's advantage. They come out when you least expect them to, and if not adequately prepared, can bring about an unfortunate end for one of your unit.
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    I think its part of the game. You need to be prepared for everything. If someone warns you about everything, it isn't so much fun in my opinion