few (simple) signing questions

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by ground, May 15, 2011.

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    I have red multiple articles about signing and the signing bug, just for interest.

    but now i have some (dumb) questions, which i can't find an answer for.

    - Why wouldn't it work to just to clone a reatil disc and use that, it has to contain the same singing code if you cloned it excatly.
    - what are the hardware modd's to the new drives, so they can tell the wii if a disc is a retail one or a copy?

    so maybe this are really simple questions and i just overlooked the answer, but i hope some of you have the answers. thanx in advance
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    You should understand the concept of signing, then you won't ask your 1st question. If you make a 1:1 copy of a disc and burn it to a DVD-R, the signature is fine, but the drive sees that it is a DVD-R and not a wii disc. Wii discs are not technially not exactly dvds, that's part of the problem, another is some data that burners just can't write to discs, but which can be read. If you have a modchip, then the drive tells the wii that it sees a wii disc and not a DVD-R, which is why modchips work.

    On a softmodded Wii, backup discs can only be played, because the old drives have the ability to playback video dvds. The cIOS is patched to use video dvd read calls instead of wii dvd read calls. For gamecube games it's similar. Anyways, the games can't see what's going on, because they just call the read function of the IOS, and the IOS does everything else. The new drives don't have the ability anymore to read video dvds, so it's impossible to read them on a softmodded wii with a new drive.

    Flat cable modchips can't read DVD-Rs on new drives either, because they only transform wii dvd reads into video dvd reads. Flat cable modchip that don't use the disc drive, like WODE, still work of course, because they can replace the drive completely.